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RIISE’s most read (and loved) articles from 2021

Photography By Abysse, Atlassian, IHTHISHAM MOHAMED
Published 22.12.21

2021 has almost come to a close, and like the rest of the planet we’re looking back and remembering some of the highlights of the past 12 months.

Yes, we might be a little bias, but we’re super proud of the (many) articles that have run on RIISE this year. So before sending you on your merry way, we wanted to look back on a few of the reads that our staff and readers especially loved. 

The most read articles of 2021 


Is It Time To Break Up With The Word ‘Sustainable’? 

It’s a term we all constantly reach for, but has the greenwashed hijacking of the word robbed it of its power? 

DM Immediately: 7 Vintage Clothing Instagram Accounts We Can’t Stop Scrolling 

It feels fitting that one of the first articles in our “Found on Instagram” series started with our first love: vintage clothes. 

Get That Jacquemus Dress Without Feeling Guilty; Fashion Rental Platforms Are Revolutionising The Way We Shop 

Could the biggest fashion trend of next year be renting clothes? 

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Sheet Masks? Don’t Panic – We Have The Solution 

The bad news: we’re calling time on sheet masks. The good news: we have a better alternative. 

Australian Actress Nathalie Kelley On Her Pivot To Climate Change Activism 

It was illuminating to chat to the Dynasty actor about her climate awakening.

RIP WFH? These Futuristic Sustainable Office Buildings Will Inspire You To Get Back To Your Desk 

Our relationships to the office have been complicated in recent years, but at least we can all agree that these architectural wonders are pretty inspiring.

The 5 Best Eco-Conscious Activewear Brands (For Morning Coffee ‘Runs’ Or Marathons) 

Just in time for that Couch to 5K new year’s resolution…

Will You Accept This (Biodynamic) Rosé? Winemakers Are Changing The Way They Make Their Drops For Climate Change 

Listen, no one is surprised that the article about drinking wine made the favourites list.

Bridget Gao-Hollitt Was A Social Media Critic. Now She’s An Influencer And Using Her Platform For Good 

You heard it here first: Bridget Gao-Hollitt is going to be a star.

Curate It To Make It. 3 Depop Sellers On What It Takes To Stand Out On The Internet’s Favourite Vintage Marketplace 

No one makes circular fashion look as cool as these Depop heroes.  




The RIISE team’s personal favourite reads of 2021 



Ashjayeen Sharif by Sam Wong

Meet The Aussie Teenager Showing Australia’s Biggest Polluter How Clean Energy Can Make You (Very) Rich 

“I don’t know if it’s bad taste to pick your own article, but this was the first piece I wrote for RIISE! I couldn’t have asked for a better start. I really admired Ash’s work on this campaign, and chatting to him didn’t do anything to dampen my enthusiasm. He is such a smart, cool and funny person. In the months since the campaign, I’ve enjoyed spotting him speaking at various climate events. Safe to say he’s one to watch.”  

  • Wendy, editor in chief 


Welcome To The Most Underrated Weekend Activity: The Library 

“I’m the library’s biggest fan. Not even just for novels, either. Did you know you can order brand new cookbooks so you can try-before-you-buy? It does take six months but while you wait, why don’t you cook through all the other cookbooks they have, or rent audiobooks for your walk? For free! Anyway, when Katelin wrote her love letter to the library for more people to experience its joy, I was 100 per cent on board. Great story about a great place.” 

  • Hana, head of audience

Gabor Molnar

It’s Their Future: Why Aren’t We Building Cities That Young People Actually Want To Inherit? 

“I’m not about to shout out my own articles as my favourites, but if I was to speak personally about some of my favourite interviews this year, it would definitely include the deputy lord mayor of Sydney Jess Scully. We had such an interesting chat about building cities to be places that young people want to inherit and finding ways to get more people involved in politics. The future we need to see will be built by the voices that currently aren’t heard enough in these spaces and Jess works hard to amplify them.” 


Can’t Imagine Travel Without Flying? Holly Tuppen Saw The World Without Boarding A Single Plane 

“I also loved chatting with writer and sustainable travel expert Holly Tuppen. She travelled the world for 20 months without flying. The different modes of transport she took, the way that trip shaped her outlook on life and her ideas about the future of travel were really captivating. I miss travelling so much and this chat and article got me so excited for the new ways I will explore the world in the future.” 

  • Courtney, features writer

Hal Gatewood

The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Your Digital Carbon Footprint (And Why You Should Care) 

“ My favourite piece this year was on how to reduce your digital carbon footprint because it was something that I haven’t heard much about before and I learnt so much from it! I also loved all the different round ups we did because they make it so easy to find cool brands who are creating things that are good for the planet!”

  • Kiara, social media assistant

5 Tips For Reducing Your Environmental Impact Without Leaving The House, According To RIISE’s Sustainability Expert 

“This was probably the most practical guide I read this year about how to actually cut emissions. I haven’t completed the list yet, but I’m slowly ticking things off and I’m feeling ready to tackle the rest next year (from the comfort of my couch lol).” 

  • Katelin, editorial assistant 
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