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Foile’s classic face oils are the products that let me (finally) join the oil revolution

Photography By Cedar Purchase for RIISE x Foile
Published 22.02.22

I’m all for self-love and being comfortable in your own skin. But I need to be honest here: when it literally comes to my skin, there’s been a lack of love and acceptance.

The quest for a better looking complexion has been a struggle, one that I’ve been unafraid to involve other people in. I constantly seek advice. I pepper people with questions. I ask them what products they use, what treatments they get and which concealers they cover up their under-eye bags with. (You know, completely normal and well-adjusted stuff.) 

These interrogations unearthed many things, including the fact that a lot of my friends were achieving their gleaming, dewy complexions by using face oils. At this point, I wasn’t completely clueless about face oils (I at least knew how obsessed everyone on the internet was with them), but I was surprised to hear that people weren’t necessarily spending big on fancy products. Some had the nerve to tell me they were using something as uncomplicated as coconut oil. Insulted by the simplicity of it all, I had to try it for myself.  

I’ll keep this brief: my experience using coconut oil on my face did not end in supple, well-hydrated skin. It resulted in breakouts (which, to be fair, the internet did warn could happen). This less-than-desirable result put me off using any kind of oil on my face for a long time.  

That was until I discovered Foile’s oils.  

Cedar Purchase for RIISE x Foile

When I first spoke to Alexandra Grima and Su Tuttle, the founders of Foile, they had only recently launched the brand. The initial range was modest: a handful of nourishing, multi-use oils that could fulfil a principal part of any skincare routine. Though the brand now offers other formulated products, the classic oils (all of which are refillable) have remained a staple part of Foile’s identity.  

After one highly comedogenic experience, I was ambivalent about using oils on my face again. But Foile showed me a new world of oil options, including jojoba, marula and hemp. Once I’d heard Grima and Tuttle talk about the benefits of single-ingredient oils, I wondered if I couldn’t be converted from my oily aversions.  

I eased back into this oil-based world with Foile’s marula face oil. It’s suitable for all skin types and is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids 6 and 9, ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin while helping to protect it against environmental aggressors. It’s also non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t clog pores), a fact that helped soothe my face oil anxieties.  

Cedar Purchase for RIISE x Foile

My experience with Foile’s marula oil was very positive. My skin felt softer and smoother and appeared more full and hydrated. Though I can’t speak for people who have oily, combination or acne-prone skin, as my ordeal with coconut oil proved, I’m not immune to breakouts from certain products. Thankfully, I can report there were no unwanted facial flare-ups after using this oil.  

After that bottle ran dry, I felt confident enough to keep face oil in my routine. The second time round, I tried Foile’s hemp face oil. Hemp seed oil has high levels of omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and amino acids. These help in the natural repair of the skin’s barrier, making it better at retaining moisture. Foile’s hemp oil is good for combination skin and can also help reduce redness.  

Now, if you have oily skin and are wondering where all of this leaves you, Foile’s jojoba face oil could be the one. Packed full of vitamins A, D and E, plus antioxidants and essential fatty acids, jojoba oil is great for nourishing and restoring balance to the skin. It’s naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it can help calm the skin too. I actually bought this for my sister (who does have oily/combination skin) for Christmas and she loves it. (She’s remained breakout-free, too.) 

Cedar Purchase for RIISE x Foile

If at this point you’re wondering how much product Foile is gifting me for this piece, hand on heart, the answer is zero. This endorsement is genuine. It’s all me. I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to tell you that, at last, I have been able to successfully join the face oil revolution. Any day now, I expect to start fielding questions about how I’ve achieved this uber-hydrated look. And, as I blind people with my radiant complexion, my answer will be: Foile’s classics.

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