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Drawing on a network of global contributors, RIISE creates original and binge-worthy TV and film content anchored in climate change. Our unique TV and film projects lead with compelling stories, complex characters and inviting worlds to hook viewers into narratives that provoke thought, conversation and environmental action long after viewing. Entertainment and excitement are at the forefront of our concepts; we showcase alluring lifestyles to positively position climate change as an issue that matters in the day-to-day life of sophisticated protagonists and viewers both.



Written by Heydon Prowse, BIG OIL takes a big swing at the fossil fuel industry through satirical humour and ripped from the headlines plot lines to lift the veil on the behind the scenes machinations of a cash rich oil giant. In this office satire an overambitious Sustainability Manager takes a job at a major oil company, only to find herself undermined at every turn by a corporation determined that no amount of ‘sustainability’ gets in the way of drilling for oil – or increasing their bottom line.


Written and directed by Peter Duncan, the series opens with one act that unravels the lives of many when a sixteen-year-old private school girl attends a volatile climate protest. In DECEPTION, Succession meets Emily in Paris with a slice of environmentalism. Showcasing spectacular Sydney as a character in the drama, a family is torn apart by the actions of teen climate activist, Savannah. A young but already burnt-out criminal lawyer brought into defend the climate activist, an ambitious political candidate and the head of a powerful law firm will also be embroiled in the web of corruption and deception that Savannah’s actions expose.


Feature film in development with writer/director Luke Shanahan. HOUSE ON FIRE follows a far-right Republican fixer hired to investigate suspicions that a Swedish teenage climate activist is a front for a shadow democratic organisation. Based in the USA and Sweden, HOUSE ON FIRE punctures the polarisation in US politics around climate change and shows that we need to adapt together in order to move forward and save our world.



Set against a backdrop of exquisite natural beaches, rolling green hinterland and beautiful wildlife reserves, this series explores friendship, rivalry, first love, growing up, surf culture and competitive sports… with a little bit of regenerative kelp farming and environmental activism on the side.


A satirical, fly-on-the-wall style comedy about the founder and designer of a sustainable fashion label, and her obstacle-ridden path to get the company to B Corp Certified status.

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