In The Pursuit Of Good Skin: LESSE Founder Neada Deters’s Daily Skincare Routine (And The Products She Can’t Live Without)


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When Neada Deters tells you her skincare routine begins with an ice cube – you start filling up your freezer trays.

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Documented By: @lesseoffical

When Neada Deters tells you her skincare routine begins with an ice cube – you start filling up your freezer trays.

That’s because Neada is the founder of Australian-born, LA-based, skincare label LESSE: one of our favourite natural and organic brands and a source of inspiration for would-be skin minimalists everywhere. It’s also because she has a once-complicated, now incredible, complexion. A combination that makes her advice easy to take. (We’ll come back to the ice cube later, we promise.)

“I had aggressive and chronic cystic acne for years along with extreme sensitivity,” Neada explains. “LESSE was created in pursuit of the solutions I needed for my own skin – and they are truly the only products that have worked and finally brought my skin into balance.” 

Neada has probably tried more products than most in her quest for good skin. Before founding LESSE, she worked on an editorial team in New York. One of the perks of the job was access to the world’s leading skin experts and the opportunity to try just about every product on the market. But nothing worked for her reactive skin – so she set out to develop something that would. 

“The more I explored the industry and ideas around skincare as an editor covering these topics, the more I recognised a clear need for safe, organic, sustainable and inclusive skincare that actually worked. Products that were simple but uncompromising, that would make the transition to natural beauty seamless for anyone.”

LESSE is the epitome of a simple, stripped-back approach to skincare. There are only four products in its entire range: a serummaskcleanser and hydrating mist. All are made from organic ingredients and high-performance botanicals, designed to deliver effective results without taking up a whole bathroom shelf. 

Neada lists organic flame tree and Tremella fuciformis (snow mushroom) as some of her favourite botanicals used in LESSE. 

Flame tree, found in the Refining Cleanser and Bioactive Mask, is a flavonoid and active botanical with a higher antioxidant capacity than vitamin C, so it will fade dark spots and improve skin quality faster. Tremella fuciformis, found in the Regeneration Mist, is described as “nature’s answer to hyaluronic acid” – but is about 100x more effective in hydrating skin.

Despite this, Neada gets the scepticism towards natural or organic products. “I have been where you are: longing to use organic products but finding that time and time again they don’t yield the same results as synthetic chemicals,” she says. “But our products are proof that you can achieve even greater results from botanicals when they are formulated correctly”. 

You can also score great results with a few simple tricks – which brings us back to how the ice cube fits in. We asked Neada to tell us what her daily skincare routine looks like and the products she can’t live without.

Documented By: @lesseoffical


I rub an ice cube in circular motions across my face, to depuff and prevent congestion.

Generously spray the Regeneration Mist across my face and neck.

Use 4–5 drops of the Ritual Serum (the skincare product my skin simply can’t live without), gently massaged into skin with my fingers or gua sha.

Apply a hydrating, mineral SPF.


I gently wash my face with the Refining Cleanser and cool water. Towel dry.

Apply the Bioactive Mask across my face and neck, avoiding eyes. 

After 15 minutes, gently wipe the mask off with a damp face cloth.

Generously spray the Regeneration Mist.

Use 4–5 drops of the Ritual Serum.

Apply a final layer of moisturiser if needed, and often sleep with a humidifier on.

Ready to see how a handful of natural products could work for your skin? Shop LESSE’s range of organic, high-performance botanicals here.


Documented By: Lesse, @lesseoffical


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