We’re Calling It: We’ve Found A Face Serum That’s Suitable For All Skin Types


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Confession time: I have absolutely zero clue what my skin type is.

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Documented By: @lesseoffical

Confession time: I have absolutely zero clue what my skin type is.

I guess I missed that Cosmopolitan quiz while preoccupied with other important coming-of-age beauty questions like whether or not to shave my arms (I did and you shouldn’t). Without this basic knowledge, navigating the complex terrain of modern skincare routines has been a challenge. Throw things like retinoid and squalene into the mix and I’m completely lost.

Skincare novices like me have one of two options: 1) seek professional help or 2) constantly trial new products hoping the next one will fix the problem the last one created. Both of which are time-consuming and expensive.

We are here to end this toxic cycle by introducing you to a product that works for all skin types. We know, we know – you’ve read a million articles about the one miracle product that will revolutionise your skincare routine. But we aren’t being hyperbolic when we say LESSE’s Ritual Serum delivers incredible results for oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive skin.

We know because we’ve tried it. More than half our office put this serum to the test – all with different skin types, concerns and product tastes – and everyone loved it.

RIISE deputy CEO Elizabeth Roberts, who suffers from rosacea and perioral dermatitis, praised the serum’s calming, anti-inflammatory effects. Another staffer noticed an immediate difference to her dry skin’s texture, saying she thinks the serum strikes the perfect balance between feeling lightweight and providing adequate hydration. And I finally achieved that plump, dewy glow that other products had promised but never delivered.

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Documented By: @lesseofficial

The mastermind behind the product, LESSE founder Neada Deters, describes the Ritual Serum as “the formula that completely transformed my skin” and brought it into balance after a long struggle with cystic acne and extreme sensitivity. Even to this day, it is her absolute hero product, the one thing her skin “simply can’t live without”.

So, how exactly did she nail such an effective formula? We asked Neada to shed some light on what makes this serum so special and how LESSE managed to pull off a product that suits every skin type.

Q. Serums do a lot of heavy lifting in our skincare routines. They can hydrate, brighten, fight acne, slow signs of ageing, and repair and restore skin. What are some of the key ingredients in LESSE’s Ritual Serum and what do they target?

“The Ritual Serum contains 100 per cent organic ingredients and centres on active botanicals, which are plant-derived extracts with the capacity to actually change the way your skin looks and feels.

“Some of the botanicals worth highlighting include super anti-inflammatory turmeric, which is incredible for soothing both irritation and redness; sacha inchi, which naturally promotes collagen production to minimise fine lines; acerola, which is extremely brightening and rich in antioxidants, and works like a more powerful but non-irritating vitamin C; algae, which helps to repair the skin barrier; calendula, which is powerfully reparative; and extra-calming rosehip, which is perfect for sensitive skin.”

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Documented By: Lucy Jones for RIISE

Q. Why does this serum work for all skin types?

“All skin types benefit from the key effects of this formula. One of the leading differences we see between skin types is the degree of oiliness or dryness in skin, and the Ritual Serum regulates sebum production which, in turn, dictates the amount of oil your skin is naturally producing. When you’re using sebum-regulating ingredients, you will notice that skin of all types – even oily T-zones – comes into balance.  

“Another common issue is inflammation, which is what leads to breakouts, eczema, dermatitis and more. This formula has a high concentration of soothing and anti-inflammatory botanicals to help prevent and treat these issues.

“Perhaps most importantly, there are ingredients in this nourishing formula that focus on cell regeneration and skin barrier repair. This supports and strengthens skin in myriad ways.” 

Q. What’s the best way to use the Ritual Serum to get maximum results?

“My recommended application of the Ritual Serum is 3–4 drops in the morning and 4–5 drops at night. Use it immediately after your mist or toner, and before any moisturisers, face oils or sunscreen.

“I like to gently rub the formula between my palms and then press it into my neck, forehead and cheeks. In the morning, I’ll really blend this in while sculpting and depuffing with a stainless steel gua sha straight out of the fridge. In the evening, I’ll just continue to gently rub in the residual serum until well absorbed.” 


Documented By: Lesse, @lesseoffical, Lucy Jones


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