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That checkered towel trend you’ve been seeing? Turns out it’s stylish and sustainable

Photography By BAINA
Published 10.06.21

Founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey, contemporary towelling brand BAINA know their way around a bathroom rack and strongly believe in the benefits of self-care bathing ceremonies. 

If the first thing you’re wondering is what’s behind the brand name, it was originally intended as a simple combination of their names: Bailey and Anna. However, when putting the words together, they discovered the inclusion of bain, the French word for bath – a happy, accidental nod to the many cultures and global bathing rituals that inspired their conscious towelling business.

Created to celebrate bathing rituals and “soften into the moments that begin and end the day”, each of BAINA’s towels, handtowels and facecloths are made from GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton, delivering a plush, fast-absorbing experience with a lighter impact on the environment.

“We wanted BAINA to be uncomplicated, classic and appeal to varied aesthetics,” Meredith explains. “We find inspiration in architecture, interior design, art and nature, always with a focus on colour theory.

Four ways BAINA founders Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey keep their bathroom space in sustainable shape:  

1. Use soap bars

“We love using Sphaera soap bars as they are all natural, sustainably produced and use organic ingredients where possible. Their packaging also uses sustainable, minimal impact and locally sourced materials.”  

2. Wash responsibly

“We believe in washing your towels once a week (similar to bedding) and use natural laundry detergents and prefer to set our washing machines to a short, cold cycle. During our R&D process, we learnt about how western cultures tend to wash their clothes and home laundry for far longer than required. A quick cycle will still clean your towels and use less water consumption. Always line dry when possible.”  

3. Discover natural beauty

“Both Anna and I use a combination of natural skin care products by Maryse and Lesse. We find our skin responds so well to their products and we greatly admire the women behind each brand.”  

4. Choose reusable over disposable

“We encourage everyone to use a facecloth over any sort of disposable wipe when removing makeup. A simple yet essential piece that complements the skincare products we invest in.” 

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