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Stylist Chloe Hill’s new fav bag celebrates style, slow fashion and old friends

Photography By Chloe Hill
Published 12.01.22

Chloe Hill has been working as a much loved and respected stylist for over a decade. Though her job has taken her all over the world, her values and interests have remained firmly rooted at home. So, it’s not surprising that her new favourite accessory, the RUTT Clouds Bag, isn’t only a slow fashion marvel: it’s also made by an old friend. Well, they do say the best things take time.  

I’ve actually known Rachel (designer and founder of RUTT) for years. She modelled in the first shoot I ever assisted on! She’s the epitome of her brand through and through: she’s kind and caring and leaves you feeling good. Which makes this sweet and happy handmade item feel extra precious.  

I love RUTT’s slow fashion mantra. It carefully creates such considered pieces that are made with love, so you get joy from wearing them. This bag is so light and soft it’s like having a cloud on my arm. Plus, it’s the perfect size for my phone, keys and lipstick and is easy to grab and go. As soon as it arrived, I found myself looping it over my shoulder and wearing it around the house!  

So many elements go into a typical handbag – fastenings like zips, domes, polyester lining, etc. But the Clouds Bag is 100 per cent natural fibres, which is special. It’s lovely to see a practical product that looks really cute without needing all the extra trimmings. Things like that matter to me as much as style. 



In general, I always look for something that I will wear hundreds of times. That means it needs to make me happy and be easy to wear – that way I know I’ll treasure it for decades.  

The impact and longevity of clothes is a topic I’ve cared about for years. When I started working in the industry, 10-plus years ago, I would always question the fast fashion I was styling for the magazine I worked at. Since then, my process with anything I consume is to stop and ask myself a bunch of questions: Where was it made, and by whom? What is it made from? Will I wear it endlessly, and is it comfortable and practical for my lifestyle?  

That helps me really figure out if it’s an item that will give value to my life in more than just an aesthetically pleasing way.  


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