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Is this the new black? The versatile colour filling our wardrobes and homes

Published 22.07.22

Brown clothes, for winter? Groundbreaking.

Seriously though, while we’ve been rocking head-to-toe black for all these years another warm neutral tone has been right there, just waiting for us to remember how fabulous it is.  

People went hard on the colour brown in the 1970s. We’re talking brown wallpaper, carpet, furnishings, clothes, ceramics, crochet and crockery and the list goes on and on. This excessive use of brown was followed by a period of near erasure. The earthy hue was shelved for almost four decades and has only started trickling back into our wardrobes over the last few years. 

Luckily for us, brown is back and better than ever. From Bottega Veneta to Arnsdorf, designers are embracing this adaptable shade. Kim K, J Lo and Tyler, The Creator are fans, with the latter saying, “Brown really goes with almost every colour. I wear a lot of pastels, and it’s a great base for that.”  

We second that. Rich, organic and soft, brown is neutral without being harsh (like black) or stark (like white). This means it gently blends with pretty much any colour in your wardrobe, especially a good baby blue, buttercup yellow or, if you want to go full 1972, neon orange. The full spectrum of brown is experiencing a revival, from sandy beige right through to deep chocolate. Our expert styling tip: try layering different shades for a tonal look that is very now.  


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