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I’ve Spent My Life Searching For The Perfect Black Pants (And I Found Them)


Author: RIISE Team




Fever dream? Urban myth? Or fashion miracle? This is the story of one woman’s search for the perfect pair of black pants.

Here’s a common scene in the RIISE universe: a staff member shows up to work with some cool new product they can’t stop talking about. We all admire it and offer our approval, and then the editorial team loudly wonders, “Is there an article here?”   

Most of the time it’s the kind of purchase that really makes your day (or week). But sometimes someone shows up with a buy that legitimately feels identity forming. 

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Documented By: ESSE

That’s what happened when our CEO and founder, Sara Bell, announced one Monday that she’d discovered the perfect pair of black pants from Esse Studios.    

To someone less emotionally invested in the sartorial arts, this might not seem like breaking news. But as anyone who spends a lot of time thinking of yolks, rises, darts and flares knows, the perfect pair of black pants are a mythical discovery to rival the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth. Realists will say they don’t exist. Dreamers will be driven mad searching for them.   

In happy news, it turns out Sara is neither.    

Rather, she won the fashion lottery by stumbling on her dream pair. Although, to be fair, it did take her a lifetime to do so.    

Ok, at this point we get you’re like…get to the pants! So without further ado, here are the perfect pair of black pants (according to Sara).    

“It’s been a decades-long search filled with near misses but ultimately a lot of disappointment. No, I’m not talking about my search for ‘the one’. This is much more important. On Friday morning the search finally ended. I slipped them on in front of a mirror, pulled up the zipper, hooked in the waistband and gasped. OMG. I’d finally found the illusive perfect black pants. I’ve been wearing them ever since. The excited kid in me wanted to wear them to bed but I refrained. And anyway, that would deprive me of the excitement of putting them back on in the morning.”    

– Sara Bell, reflecting on the real love of her life 


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