Enter The Quality (And Environmentally Friendly) Cookware Phase Of Adulthood With Us


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This article was produced in partnership with Tefal, which is making it easier than ever to find cookware that won’t cook our planet.

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Documented By: Tefal

This article was produced in partnership with Tefal, which is making it easier than ever to find cookware that won’t cook our planet.

We’ve entered the “investing in quality cookware” phase of our lives. Put it down to cooking reels, our obsession with Chef’s Table or the trauma of living in share houses with subpar skillets. We’ve reached that point in adulthood where a frying pan that doesn’t leave a light charcoal coating on food is fundamental to our wellbeing.

There’s another level to this culinary maturity: we’re also considering the environmental impact of our cookware. We already use a keep cup and try to avoid fast fashion where possible. But when it comes to trying to live a life more in sync with sustainability, pots and pans have been literally and figuratively buried at the back of the cupboard for too long.

Friends and fellow amateur chefs, it’s time to wipe the grease off this topic. Which calls for the expertise of a true innovator in this space: Tefal.

When you think of Tefal, your mind probably wanders straight to glossy, unscratched surfaces, a glowing red dot and Jamie Oliver (all correct associations). But what you should also remember is this brand literally pioneered non-stick cookware.

Tefal has been relentlessly innovating for over 60 years, finding new ways to make our time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. So it’s absolutely no surprise it has stepped up its sustainability commitments, launching an eco range of cookware and a recycling initiative.

Tefal’s Eco Respect line combines all the things we’ve come to expect from the brand – superior quality, durable design and that unbeatable non-stick performance – with a 100 per cent recycled aluminium body. As Tefal Australia’s managing director Joe Tizzone explains, this means the range is endlessly recyclable, so it won’t end up in landfill. “The range is made to be remade,” Joe says.

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Documented By: Tefal

“The Eco Respect cookware features all the technology and innovation that Tefal are renowned for, as well as now becoming an environmentally responsible choice for someone looking to purchase new cookware.”

– Joe Tizzone, Tefal Australia managing director

Add in the fact that the non-stick coating contains no PFOA, lead and cadmium, making it a much safer option for cooking, and you have a combination of characteristics that speak deeply to our food-loving psyche.  

Even though Tefal’s Eco Respect range features reinforced titanium coating, meaning it will keep longer, you can’t expect a pan to last forever. At some point, you have to consider where it goes when it’s no longer fit for frying – which brings us to Tefal’s next impressive initiative: a takeback scheme.  

The thing most of us don’t realise is that cookware is actually made from recyclable materials; it just can’t be recycled in regular home bins. Which is why Tefal is stepping in. In partnership with Myer, it’s just introduced Act Together, the first-ever Australian cookware recycling initiative.  

From the 8th of August, 14 stores across the country will have collection bins for people to drop off preloved cookware. From there, a collecting partner will take the pans to a recycling centre to be turned into ingots (which are basically blocks of recycled metal). “These blocks of recycled metals are then able to be transformed into new products – for example, our Eco Respect cookware is created from ingots of recycled aluminium,” Joe explains.   

Tefal has already seen positive results with a similar recycling initiative in Europe and Joe says, if this campaign is as successful, it will be rolled out in more Myer stores around the country. That means more of us will have a way to responsibly dispose of our cookware – and more reason to finally clear out our kitchen cupboards.  

This article was produced in partnership with Tefal. 


Documented By: Tefal


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