Shake Up These Easy Vegan Cocktail Recipes For Your Next Happy Hour


Author: Lucy Jones




Documented By: Allek Sana

It’s Friday evening and your dinner party guests are due any minute.

You’ve planned the night down to the last detail. An 8-hour vegan ragu is simmering away on the stovetop and ambient house music is playing in the background. The table looks like a Renaissance painting with piles of grapes, bread baskets and fluffy homemade hummus basking in the warm light of hand-poured candles. But you forgot to prep the most memorable aspect of any good dinner party – kick-ass cocktails.  

Serving a fun beverage on arrival is the best way to set the tone for the evening and get your guests’ tastebuds buzzing. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to cocktails, don’t worry, we got you.  

These delicious recipes come to you directly from our saved folder on Instagram. There’s a frozen coconut lychee martini that screams summer, a gin sour that cleverly substitutes egg whites for chickpea juice and a creamy avocado marg that shows off the versatility of every millennial’s favourite fruit. Oh, and did we mention they’re vegan too? Whet your appetite below. 

Frozen lychee martini

You had us at lychee. This recipe blends the sweetness of this aromatic, floral fruit with the richness of coconut cream and a splash of vodka. Add a generous heaping of ice for that on-a-beach-somewhere-in-Hawaii feeling.  

FYI, the “simple syrup” used in this recipe and others throughout is made by dissolving sugar in water. 


Smoked mezcalrita

This one’s for all the show ponies out there. The rosemary smoke trick will impress your friends and make you look like a legit mixologist. Plus, it smells and tastes delicious. Smoky mezcal and a fresh hit of lime juice complete this savoury treat.  


Spicy watermelon margarita

TGFM (thank God for margs). This tasty twist on the classic cocktail is easy to assemble and even easier to drink. Make your own spice mix for the rim by blending chilli powder, paprika and salt. If you can’t get your hands on spicy margarita syrup, you can make that too: just heat fresh jalapenos with sugar and water until the mixture thickens.   


Raspberry gin sour

Did you know that the juice from a can of chickpeas can be used to create your favourite foamy cocktails? Crazy, we know. It’s called aquafaba and mimics the texture of egg whites. If you’re looking for a way to test out this substitute, we recommend this mouth-watering raspberry-infused gin sour. 

You’ll need to prep the gin early by adding it to a sterilised jar with raspberries and sugar and waiting 2–3 days for the magic to happen. If you’re short on time, throw in some freshly muddled raspberries instead.  


Ginger mojito

Why did we ever stop eating candied ginger? The sweet treat that grandma always had in her cupboard gets a revival in this ultra-refreshing mojito. It’s made using ginger juice, which can be extracted by grating and pressing fresh ginger to add a spicy warmth to our go-to summer drink.   

Hot tip for those outside the US: club soda is a type of mineral water.   


Avocado magarita

Honestly, what can’t avocados do? This filling alcoholic avo smoothie is an appetiser in and of itself. Coriander, lime and jalapenos dial up the flavour and blur the line between cocktail and guacamole even further. It might seem like a weird thing to drink, but we promise it goes down an absolute treat.   


Upgraded gin and tonic 

Three words: floral ice cubes. These little babies will revolutionise your cocktail game. Make them by placing edible flowers or herbs (such as rosemary and mint) in ice trays and popping them in the freezer. This fancy G & T also uses Italicus – an Italian liquor made from citrus and flowers – and rosemary syrup which you can brew up on the stove by boiling rosemary, sugar and water.   



This virgin cocktail will ensure all the designated drivers aren’t left wanting. Described as a “cloud in a glass”, it harnesses the airy properties of aquafaba to create its creamy, cloud-like texture. Lychee syrup, coconut milk and lemon juice also star in this yummy beverage which makes a great dessert replacement or non-alcoholic nightcap.  



Documented By: Jill Burrow, Allek Sana


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