Stylist Violet Grace Atkinson On The Trends Worth Investing In (And Those To Skip) This Season


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In this world of ever-evolving trends (does it feel like we’re cycling through them faster than ever?) it can be useful to look to a fashion polestar.

For us, Violet Grace Atkinson might just be one of the most reliable. The Sydney-based photographer and creative director is a multivalent force, with her directional styling and an uncanny knack for making even the most simple of pieces look ultra chic. She has an incisive knowledge of fashion’s latest happenings—who’s in, who’s out, which shoes are the next must-have—and her brain is usually teeming with unexpected ways to style the pieces she’s investing in with her go-to wardrobe staples.  

So, it was natural that we wanted to know what she’s coveting this season—and what she’ll be forgoing. Does Barbiecore make the cut? Will the Y2K aesthetic finally fall on its sword? And how can you make these much-buzzed-about trends truly your own? Below, read about Violet’s take on the trends of the moment—as well as her love of unusual silhouettes, ballet flats, and her favourite winter piece of the moment (we promise, you already have it in your wardrobe). 

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Documented By: Violet Grace Atkinson

RIISE: Hi Violet! Thanks for letting us pick your brain. We love your directional aesthetic here at RIISE, and we wanted to know—where are you finding style inspiration at the moment? 

Violet Grace Atkinson: I love (traditionally) masculine style and silhouettes—it’s men’s fashion week in Europe right now so my eyes are glued to IG watching all my favourite creators who are covering the shows. The styling cues that come through in men’s shows are also usually so good. The way everyday items like ties, belts and boxers can be used to create complexity is great.

Other places I get style inspiration are stylists like Lotta Volkova (the genius behind Miu Miu’s latest campaigns), brands tapping into the early ’00s aesthetic, and finally skate culture—they all have the coolest attitudes and way of putting together looks that are their own. I’m so happy that we are moving back into an era of fashion that focuses on personality and individuality. 

RIISE: What are your favourite trends and styling tricks this season? 

VGA: Personally, I tend to just dress how I like—but my top trend this season is Yuppie-core, which is a mix of tailoring, masculine silhouettes and casual clothes. Ultimately though, it’s all about how the wearer pulls it together. It really is all in the details: the belt, the tie, the worn vintage cap, the flash of a pastel sock peeking from between the loafer and the denim hem of the wearer’s jeans.

A bad-boy (or girl) iteration of this is the skater aesthetic. A little bit more grunge with louder accessories. After all, Yuppie-core is a spin-off of the quiet-luxury trend—which, by the way, is a trend that I don’t subscribe to. Fashion should be about self-expression, not wealth-expression. 

Finally, ballet-core is such a sweet styling cue that embraces the female form, I love it. It’s easy to achieve with simple pieces from your wardrobe such as a nice fitting singlet, ribbons and stockings. It’s about injecting athletic femininity into your look.

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Documented By: Violet Grace Atkinson

RIISE: What are the trends you're going to be buying into this season? 

VGA: I am buying into juxtaposition. I love looks to include something unexpected or odd—a dress with loafers or a baggy pant with ballet flats. My shoes that are on the highest rotation right now are loafers and ballet flats. I’m also buying into chic accessories: I love a pin, a tie, a hat or anything that will turn a look into my own. 

Finally, this is a point of personal development for me (forgive and forget) but: skinny jeans. As sure as the sun grows in the east, fashion is cyclical and the things we hated we naturally grow to love again. I reignited this fire when I picked up a pair of vintage YSL leather skinny jeans in Paris recently. 

RIISE: What about trends you'll be skipping? 

VGA: While I love pink, I will not be actively buying into this Barbiecore trend. Also Y2K trends and anything pushed aggressively on social media. 

RIISE: Are there some pieces in your wardrobe you're going to repurpose/style in different ways to speak to the current moment (e.g. skirts over pants, scarves as tops etc etc)? 

VGA: This is so basic but honestly I have been styling socks with *everything* and I have Miuccia Prada (and stylist Lotta Volkova) to thank for that. In terms of repurposing, I have delved into my wardrobe for singlets, hosiery and mini skirts that I already own to achieve some ballet-core aesthetics. Also vests and jumpers that I already own have been great layering pieces for more masculine looks. 

RIISE: What is a cooler weather accessory you're loving right now? 

VGA: This is obvious but a huge coat. Think ’80s power-shoulders and a duster length, or alternatively a huge utility bomber or aviation jacket. I love putting together an effortless look then cocooning into a big coat. We only get a few months of the year to do this in Australia and I take the opportunity gladly!


Documented By: Violet Grace Atkinson


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