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The Local Project proves that good design can be life changing

Photography By Supplied by The Local Project
Published 17.03.22

Beautiful homes, chic subjects, dreamy destinations and an eye for responsible design. It’s no wonder the RIISE team have fallen in love with The Local Project.

At RIISE, we like to consider ourselves “extremely online”. Some might see that as a flaw, assuming our brains are being warped by Twitter beefs, images of tall women in impossible outfits, complicated brunch recipes and reels of people propagating avocado seeds. To that dear reader we say, oh no.  

You see there is a way to spend copious amounts of time on the internet and not walk away with a skull full of undercooked risotto.   

Let us introduce you to our most recent non-toxic online obsession: The Local Project 

We’ll pause for a moment to specify that The Local Project is a lot more than a pretty feed. It’s a publication existing in print, digital and video form. As its creators put it, “[we seek] to promote, support and showcase carefully curated design through our network media channels.” Yes, there are a lot of design publications out there, but, for us, The Local Project stands apart for its focus on “exceptional human-centred design”. This means less obsessing over steely, mathematically perfect architectural offerings, and more homes and structures you’d actually want to live in.  

Based out of Australia, they offer a particularly romantic view of what life on this strange continent can look like. From busy inner-city homes to rugged beach getaways and secluded forest dwellings, their tours, articles and galleries present a quiet but persistent argument for the value of authentic design. Reminding us that the role of our home exists beyond being a place to leave our things. It can be an extension of ourselves, our beliefs and our hopes for the future.  

Obviously, when words like “values” and “future” come up, we can’t help clearing our throats and saying…“speaking of the environment…”  

Threaded through The Local Project’s content is an ongoing dialogue around the responsibility we hold for the places we love. Whether that means decorating a breakfast nook, supporting a small business or building a property that’s respectful and protective of the ecosystems it shares space with.   

Again and again The Local Project’s content explores ideas of how good design brings us closer to nature. It’s less about building walls, keeping elements out, and more about welcoming them in. Being inspired and energised by the natural world and ultimately learning from it.  

You’re picking up those soothing vibes already, right?  

Be sure to explore more of this content here, check it out in print, lose the next few hours of your life to its videos and, of course, follow it on Instagram.  

To get you started, here are a few of our personal favourite reads.  

St Andrews Beach House by Austin Maynard Architects  

Margate House by Field Labs  

Evostyle feature 

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