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The best vintage luxury handbag stores on Instagram (that you probably haven’t heard of)

Published 08.09.21

Welcome to Found on Instagram, a new series from the RIISE team that celebrates all the great Instagram brands and accounts we can’t stop DMing to each other.

Consider this your invite into our online world. Hopefully we can save you from the explore-page vortex by doing the endless scrolling (sorry, we mean thorough research) for you.   

Like all RIISE content, the brands you’ll see featured here aren’t just cool; they’re also doing good. By buying second hand you’re reducing the carbon impact of your shopping habits.  

First up, we’re starting with perhaps the most classic investment pieces to source vintage: luxury handbags.   

Brand new bags are expensive, and they’re often constructed with materials such as leather and plastic – which pack an environmental punch. Choosing to shop with one of these independent sellers will support a small business, nab you a deal and, best of all, let you enjoy classic designs without worrying about the climate cost.  

Now, the financial cost…that we can’t help you with. Did we already say “investment piece”? All of the below vintage luxury handbag stores were selected for their great reviews and quality authentication processes. Many items come with dust bags and receipts.  

Designer Boss 


This is a solid stop for classic and iconic bags and wallets. Think Chanel Boys, Saint Laurent Kates and Gucci Marmonts that will cost one month of rent, not three. Payment plans are available if preferred.   



The Connect AU  

If you’re after street-style focused, dare we say
hype, pieces this is a great starting point. We see you shining Gucci x Supreme diaper bag. For the quality of the range, prices are competitive for the luxury space. Note: they’re still not exactly impulse buys.  



Design Haven 


For anyone attempting to tackle the mythical “capsule wardrobe” (bless you) this account offers piles of simple but aspirational cornerstone pieces. Perfect if you’re searching for a Louis Vuitton coin purse to toss into your Stella McCartney Falabella – a to-do list task we’d love to have.   



FWRDIT Luxury Consignment 


All of these accounts feature a good mix of vintage luxury handbags, shoes and accessories. But FWRDIT also includes a curated selection of apparel. That variety doesn’t impact their ability to deliver quality bags though. They feature a balanced mix of classic (Saint Laurent envelopes) and fun (Chanel Rainbow Boy Bags).   



Shop Luxe Items 


After something you could hand down to your kid one day, but also wear with everything in your closet (and fit more than a lipstick in)? This account has a strong focus on classic pieces you’ll have forever, giving you one more reason to reply “SOLD” under that Prada Galleria Saffiano. Payment plans are available.   



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