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Softer than silk: the comfiest underwear material you probably haven’t thought of yet

Photography By Michael Comninus for RIISE, @viderislingerie
Published 09.08.22

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by an uncomfortable bra or pair of undies before.

After centuries of undergarment innovation, we’re still contending with constrictive padding, uncomfortable wires and itchy synthetic materials. But those days are behind us – we’ve discovered an exceptionally comfortable alternative thanks to New Zealand–based lingerie brand Videris

Videris’s range is an alternative to synthetic, mass-produced and ill-fitting underwear and bras, in a material you probably haven’t considered for your smalls drawer before: TENCEL lyocell. Natural, breathable and softer than silk, TENCEL is the fabric we didn’t know we needed until now. 

Maybe you’ve seen this material pop up in the description bar of your favourite summer tanks and dresses but never understood what it is, or how it’s made. In the simplest terms, TENCEL lyocell comes from trees. To make those super-soft garments, wood pulp is dissolved, spun into fibres and then woven into yarn

TENCEL is also better for the environment and there are a few key reasons why. It requires less energy and water than conventional cotton and, because it requires fewer chemicals, it doesn’t need all those toxic dyes to create brightly coloured garments – which is something Videris is known for. 

Founder of Videris Chloé Julian shot by Zico O'Neill-Rutene

Those bright designs are not by accident. Videris founder Chloé Julian believes in colour psychology – taking a moment each morning to pick a shade that reflects how you feel and what you want from the day: magenta stimulating harmony, violet prompting imagination, pink encouraging self-acceptance, green restoring balance and olive associated with compassion. Each of these intentions is imbued into the colours chosen for her collections.

These finer details show the consideration she puts into every element of Videris’s products. “I’ve been designing lingerie for over 15 years, [so] I have all my technical knowledge and I haven’t taken any shortcuts,” Chloé says. “The fabric is the key; it’s what really started it all … it’s not the cheapest option but its performance is great.” It took almost two years to find the right fabric and componentry to create a soft-cup bra (sans wire) that is both supportive and comfortable, no matter your breast size. “I think a lot of women associate being supported with being uncomfortable and that’s actually not true,” she says.

Videris’s soft-cup bras are designed to move with you and accommodate the natural swells and lulls in your breast size unlike a traditional underwire bra. Being made from TENCEL means they are a lot more breathable than the synthetic options we’re used to, so there’s less chance for underboob sweat on those hot summer days. 

Image by Zico O'Neill-Rutene

Same goes with Videris’s underwear. Chloé had one customer tell her, “I actually had to check that I put my knickers on today because I was so comfortable – I thought I’d forgotten.” It’s no surprise: TENCEL is softer than silk and linen, absorbs 70 per cent more moisture than cotton and is less susceptible to odorous bacteria growth, making it the ideal fabric for underwear.

Chloé jokes that wearing synthetic underwear can sometimes feel like wearing an onion sack on your bottom – but those days are over. Videris’s exclusive use of TENCEL means that you can finally have lingerie that ticks all the boxes: exceptional style, great fit and good for you and the planet.

Videris founder Chloé Julian’s top tips on how to care for your intimates

The way you care for your lingerie is important as it determines how long it will stay in play. Here’s what Chloé suggests for getting the best wash and wear out of your Videris lingerie.

– Unlike many other brands, you’re able to just pop Videris undergarments in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30°C. But, if possible, like any garment made from natural materials, handwashing is always best.

– Always use a laundry bag and wash with similar colours.

– Air dry – never tumble dry – as it will preserve their shape (and of course save power and carbon emissions).

– Lay flat to dry or hang them over the peg (it’s quicker and there are less chances of your lingerie catching on anything).

– Get a few pairs so that you can leave them for a day or two after washing before wearing so that the elastics have time to relax back into shape. 

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