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In the name of longevity, cult label St. Agni steers away from seasonal trends

Photography By St. Agni
Published 20.06.21

"Complacency" is not in the vocabulary of St. Agni – in fact, it is one actively "unstitched" from each garment, accessory and footwear item available in the brand's range.

“We are always learning and looking for ways we can do things better,” co-founder Lara Fells tells us. “It’s important to have this mindset so we don’t become complacent in our ways.”

The Byron Bay brand, synonymous with cult-status woven footwear and garments perfect for a coastal, curated wardrobe, is underpinned by a ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to creating environmentally conscious clothing.

Launched by partners Matt and Lara in 2014, the co-owner of the label reveals the brand began with a shared, humble vision of business when she was 24. “We didn’t have any experience or budget, but we had a lot of passion and we never really doubted ourselves.” In the process, the pair developed relationships with local artisans and craftsmen, all inching toward a vision to create functional pieces that preserved the integrity of the planet the materials were sourced from.

Fells says St. Agni‘s collections reflect her love of natural fabrics. Organic materials, like bamboo, hemp and vegetable-dyed leather are fused to create beautiful billowing silhouettes and tailored garments.

“Using natural materials never feels like a sacrifice. It’s a luxury to make pieces from such beautiful fabrications.”

Fells describes the corporate commitments the brand has made, each choice hinged on their desire for longevity. In a world consumed by fast fashion, and an industry that promotes a throwaway culture, it’s refreshing to witness a brand plan beyond the two-week turnover. “Every collection is designed with longevity in mind – we want all of the pieces to be long-term investments,” Fells says.

“We stay away from seasonal colours or shapes and try to keep it very classic,” she continues. “Our consumer is minimalistic and I hope the way we are designing encourages less consumption.”


St. Agni is designed with comfort, freedom and function in mind. Fells says their customer encapsulates the polarity of their designs – kind and gentle but resolutely supporting the values of sustainable fashion. If St. Agni were to be represented as a stained-glass portrait, it would not be made of panes of opaque glass in dark hues – it would let light in and reflect an ethereal, hopeful glimmer on a brand with a clear and saintly vision for the future of our precious resources…and a little bit of the soul of Byron Bay.

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