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Shopping for a skincare enthusiast? Clean up their cabinet with the RIISE beauty gift guide

Photography By Michael Comninus for RIISE
Published 24.11.21

We all know a beauty expert or enthusiast.

Someone whose favourite topic of conversation is the latest skin treatments to hit the market. Or whose complexion is the eternal envy of every person they meet. Their idea of the perfect gift is something to enrich their next skincare shelfie. While these individuals are perfect when you’re trying to get through a retinol purge, they can be intimidating to holiday shop for. Don’t stress, we’re here to help you navigate this busy, dewy time of year and make sure you manage to impress the expert. From refillable makeup to products you didn’t even know exist, these beauty gifts are as good for their epidermis as they are for the planet.

For the skin expert whose routine contains (almost) everything
For the perfectionist who does their nails for zoom calls


For the housemate who wants to eliminate plastic from the bathroom cabinet
For the friend on a quest to improve their complexion
For the acquaintance who takes a minimalist approach to makeup
For the sensitive skin type, known to suffer from regular flare-ups
For the inspiration who has been using sunscreen since primary school
For the one everyone has hair envy about
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