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Bold, non-binary and recycled: I keep catching compliments in Szâde’s new range of sunnies

Published 09.09.21

I have a confession. Every time summer rolls around, despite an already extensive collection, I buy a new pair of sunglasses.

Some might argue this is excessive. But each year, I justify the fresh frames by telling myself it will make existing outfits feel fabulous and new again – which it does. Last season I opted for a black, retro round pair. The year before it was a foxy, brown cat-eye. My current collection is sartorially sound but, evidently, consists of only muted tones. This summer I wanted to try something different, which led me to Szâde the eco-conscious brand that, for the first time, has made me fall in love with colourful shades. 

Szâde’s newest colourway “burnt honey” first drew me in. But their ethos – “style, yes. Purpose and integrity, f**k yes” – is what made me click “add to cart”. Breaking the cycle of excess waste in the eyewear industry, each Szâde frame is made from recycled sunglasses, using materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Defective, faulty and obsolete sunglasses are sent to Szâde and then broken down and remoulded to create unique colours in a range of shapes.

For my own pair, I opted for the Dart frame, a versatile, oversized rectangular shape. Other popular shapes include the sleek oblong (which gives off strong 90s vibes), geometric almond and graphic square

My oversized colourful Szâde frames will no doubt make me feel brighter this summer, but they’ll also revoke my guilty conscience for splashing out on a new pair. Treating myself in this instance practically counts as recycling, right? 

See yourself in a pair of planet-friendly “burnt honey” sunnies? Check out Szâde’s entire range here.

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