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After trying ROCC Naturals, I’m never going back to conventional toothpaste

Photography By @roccnaturals
Published 12.04.22

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I’ve invested a lot of money into my teeth. OK, technically not all of it from me per se, but you get what I mean. There have been more fillings than I care to admit, braces, fancy aligners and rounds of potent teeth-whitening products. 

When you’ve put an eye-watering sum of money into your smile, you tend to care for it. Which is why I’ve never been that interested in using natural oral products. It’s not that I don’t like natural alternatives or think they work. On a personal level, I just prefer a stronger (albeit artificially sweetened) minty flavour and something with a bit of fluoride thrown in. 

On the other hand, what I don’t prefer is the waste oral products create. Toothpaste tubes can’t be recycled and can take as long as 500 years to fully biodegrade. The UK alone sends 300 million tubes to landfill each year, which the British Dental Journal says is “enough plastic waste to circle the globe twice”. This is an even more disturbing thought than the money I’ve spent on my teeth. 

Good news incoming for anyone who has similar anxieties. I’ve found a way to reconcile my ambivalence towards natural products and my guilty environmental conscience with ROCC Naturals

ROCC might be the first and only natural toothpaste I’ve ever tried, but I actually think it will be the last. It’s been a pleasant experience. 


So far, I’ve used the Whitening Minerals with Fluoride (obviously my favourite) and the Vitamin B12 Mint + Coconut Oil. Both are made using naturally derived ingredients, are vegan and cruelty-free and contain minerals and vitamins designed for whole mouth health. Though not as foamy as other toothpastes I’ve used, they have a nice taste and deliver a great clean. 

But perhaps the biggest bonus is that the tubes (which you’ll definitely be keeping on display) biodegrade much quicker than conventional toothpaste. ROCC founder Prue Rocchi explains this is because they’re “made from a mix of standard PE (Polyethylene) and a special type of biodegradable PE which allows them to biodegrade at an accelerated pace”. 

While the use of virgin plastic (the PE) isn’t ideal, ROCC’s tubes trade that nightmarish 500-year breakdown figure of traditional toothpaste for just six to 10 years – and they don’t turn into microplastics either. “We have tested our packaging in independent laboratories in the USA. The results were that over time, the packaging will fully biodegrade in landfill…[it’s] designed to breakdown in standard landfill environments leaving behind only soil and gasses and no microplastics,” Rocchi says. The tube cap and box they arrive in can also be recycled too, so compared to other toothpaste products, ROCC creates much less waste. 

If you’re wondering whether I miss the super foamy experience and intense, artificial blast of flavour from my old toothpaste products, the answer is yeah, kinda. But not enough to ditch ROCC and the opportunity to cut that extra bit of waste from my bathroom cabinet. As it turns out, natural might just be for me after all.

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