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Rntr. is the wardrobe rental app with brands you actually want to wear

Photography By RNTR.
Published 21.10.21

We all know we’re supposed to be shopping smarter. Buying less, investing in sustainable clothing brands and limiting our consumption. But in reality, that can be tricky.

Life has a habit of getting in the way of positive impact planning. A wedding pops up, special occasions arise and suddenly you’re standing in front of a rack of expensive designer dresses doing the environmental math in your head.  

Clothing rental curbs environmental (and financial) impact  

In Australia alone, gen Z and millennial women collectively spend $11 billion dollars a year on outfits they only wear once. One solution to this issue is the new market of apps and services that allow people to rent designer clothes.  

Clothing rental in theory opens you up to a world of designer fashion for a fraction of the cost of buying everything new. It also encourages a circular model of clothing consumption where you’re able to rent and resell garments, thus avoiding contributing to the toxic global garment waste disaster 

There’s just one issue…  

As anyone who has tried to rent designer clothing might have found, a lot of these apps are limited when it comes to style and choice. They lean towards mainstream fashion trends and often don’t stock a wide selection of sustainable clothing brands. If you don’t want to dress like a Bachelor contestant with a high street retail addiction you could struggle.  

Rent the sustainable clothing brands you love  

That’s where Rntr. comes in. It’s the new Australian clothes rental site that focuses on beautiful brands whose values are as enticing as their designs.  

You can already find a selection of bags, including from beloved responsible brands Simétrie and A_C. Soon they’ll be joined by some of our personal favourite clothing labels – we’re especially excited to see Arnsdorf and Esse in the mix.  

Reflecting on the choice to join Rntr., Arnsdorf founder Jade Sarita Arnott said: “We’re really excited to be introducing rental as part of our circularity strategy. It has been wonderful to work with Rntr. to realise this desire and integrate it into our website and logistics. It’s our hope to reach new audiences that can experience an Arnsdorf garment as well as facilitate for our existing clients a way to take part in this concept of a modern wardrobe.”  

Finding affordable ethical clothing can be a challenge, but with Rntr.’s growing range of carefully and thoughtfully curated items and brands, you no longer need to choose between your moral values and fashion impulses.

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