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For Christmas we got you RIISE Shop: the dream online shopping destination where you can shop with your values

Photography By Michael William for RIISE
Published 01.12.21

At RIISE, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about brands we love that are working hard to create real action around climate change.

Honestly, it’s a great gig. But this time, it feels even more special. Because this time the brand we’re talking about is our own.   

We’re super excited to announce the launch of RIISE Shop, our very own marketplace where you can find an evolving selection of fashion, lifestyle, homewares and beauty products that exist at the nexus of aesthetics and sustainability.  

Let’s be clear: this isn’t just another store (yes, everyone says that, but stick with us).   

We’re not here to simply sell products or convince you to shop more. We want to change the way you shop and consume. Our goal is to help you really consider what you buy, where it comes from, why you love it and how you’ll treasure it forever.  

The brands and items featured weren’t just selected because we love them (although, obviously we do). But because they also meet our own exacting climate credentials. This is the internal, independent framework we developed with sustainability consultancy Sonzai Studios to individually evaluate brands, collections, products and services in relation to their action and impact.  

Think of RIISE Shop as a greenwashing-free space, and a place to shop online without the convoluted marketing rhetoric around sustainability. We’ve done the (honestly) intensive research to help you make better purchasing decisions that align with your values.  

Among the growing list of brands, you’ll spot some old RIISE favourites, as well as new labels we’ve really fallen for.   

By choosing to invest in makers who are doing right by the planet, we can contribute to real climate action. Supporting these brands means strengthening a market that pushes consumers and companies to do better and take responsibility for their own impacts. It also proves to other (shall we say, less enlightened) businesses that a new generation of shoppers expects more.   

See, we told you it was more than just another store.    

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