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Enter now: the 2022 RIISE Prize for Emerging Sustainable Fashion Designers

Photography By Gab Bois / @gabbois
Published 06.09.22

Are you a fashion design student who has a passion for sustainability?

RIISE is excited to launch a new international prize to discover, support and celebrate the next generation of environmentally friendly fashion designers. Open to design students around the world and presided over by a panel of globally renowned judges, two winners will each receive the chance to create an outfit that will be featured in a major TV production along with a cash prize of USD$1,000. Read on to find out more and how to enter.


The 2022 RIISE Prize for Emerging Sustainable Fashion Designers takes ‘Recycle’ as its theme. It will recognise emerging talent who are reusing existing materials in unique and innovative ways. We’re hopeful about driving a shift towards a more circular economy and believe there’s never been a more pressing time for the industry to turn its attention to recycled materials.

Our goal is to reframe waste and show audiences that beautiful and extraordinary designs can be created from repurposed materials, ultimately driving industry-wide change.

To enter, you are required to submit a design proposal which requires no new materials or virgin resources for production. You might utilise deadstock fabric, experiment with biomaterials, upcycle garments, repurpose waste or create new items out of by-products from other industries. There’s more on that below.

The winners will have access to luxury deadstock fabrics for use in their final outfit creations, sourced from a warehouse in France which upcycles offcuts and excess materials from leading fashion houses like Hermès, Prada, Jil Sander, Liberty of London, Paco Rabanne and Versace, denim from Swedish sustainable jeans brand Nudie Jeans, recycled crystals from Swarovski and deadstock fabric from bassike.


Two winning designers, one menswear and one womenswear, will each be given the opportunity to design an outfit to feature prominently in our major TV production Big Oil. Set in the glossy, fictional offices of a big oil company, the series takes a comical swing at the fossil fuel industry. Products featured in the wardrobe and set are sourced from sustainable brands and are seamlessly embedded into the storyline, positioning them as the new objects of desire.

The womenswear winner will design an outfit for protagonist Natalie Cooke. In her late 20s, she’s a true believer in climate change and, as sustainability manager, hopes to affect change from inside the oil company. Sharp of wit and wardrobe, she has a deep appreciation for beautiful clothing and often mixes second-hand designer with pieces from emerging labels. Painfully chic, effortlessly cool and totally covetable, a tour of Natalie’s wardrobe proves that sustainable fashion need not be bland or boring.

The menswear winner will design an outfit for the character Rodney Bramston Finch. In his mid-50s, he and his twin sister inherited Oilshore from their American tycoon father and are blissfully unaware of climate change. As majority shareholders, they call the shots from afar. Always impeccably dressed even if just for a Zoom, Rodney has a panache for sharp-shouldered tailoring and a love of eccentric accessories like statement spectacles, eye-catching cufflinks and flamboyant pocket squares.

This will provide you with the rare and valuable opportunity to be put in front of millions of customers around the world, supported further through editorial and social content. You will work closely with our wardrobe and editorial teams, allowing you plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network and receive broad industry mentorship around your future career.

RIISE will cover the costs of materials and construction, allowing you to let your imagination run wild. Plus, you will each receive a cash prize of USD$1,000.


The competition will be presided over by a panel of internationally leading judges who will evaluate your submission based on your creativity and adherence to the Recycle theme. The judges include:

– British Vogue contributing editor Susan Bender Whitfield
– Australian fashion designer Charlotte Hicks (Esse Studios)
– Sustainable fashion consultant, journalist and author Lucianne Tonti
– Creative director and luxury brand consultant Jsen Wintle.


Complete the form below to enter online.

You will be required to submit a detailed illustration of your outfit design along with any accessories you wish to produce alongside it. You will also be asked to provide a written description of the materials utilised, the planned manufacturing process and your creative thinking behind the outfit (this should outline your influences and any wider context you feel is relevant).

Applications close on the 14th of October 2022. The winners will be notified via email and will be announced on the 15th of November 2022.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

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