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RIISE’s online shopping specialist shares the things she’s added to cart recently

Photography By Lydia Kirwood for RIISE
Published 06.04.22

Officially, Lydia Kirwood is RIISE Shop’s ecommerce specialist. Unofficially, she’s the cool glass of water the whole office style stalks. Is there a section on LinkedIn profiles for that?

We spend a lot of time chatting to people about the brands and products they love. There was Hermione Olivia’s dream suit, Chloe Hill’s sentimental handbag, Seala Lokollo’s perfect summer dress and Portia Prince’s favourite plastic-free makeup brand. (And you can find it all here.)

But sometimes it pays to look inwards. Well, inwards-ish. As in, to our own team. 

By day, Lydia Kirwood is RIISE Shop’s ecommerce specialist. By night, and assumably during her lunch breaks, she’s the kind of Instagram cool girl you can’t help following (we can feel her blushing from here). The sometimes model splits her time between the city and coast, documenting her many swims, adventures, perfectly casual looks and surprisingly frequent run-ins with adorable animals.  

Not surprisingly, we’re always interested in what ends up in Lydia’s shopping cart and wardrobe. The fascination is partly driven by her excellent taste (she does have her fingerprints all over RIISE Shop after all), and partly because we wouldn’t mind duping her sunny existence. 

The first item Lydia points to – and one that she’s been spotted in a lot over the last few months – is Fredric’s Van Bodice. “The piece was on my wishlist for quite a while,” she says. “I like that it has boning but no underwire cups, making it a little more relaxed than most modern bustier tops. Being made from 100 per cent organic cotton twill was another huge plus as it ties in with my shopping values.”  

There’s been no shortage of styling inspiration since the Van Bodice was added to her wardrobe. “I love wearing the Van Bodice with a pair of straight leg pinstripe suit trousers or brown leather pants. In spring and summer, I plan on pairing it with an A-line skirt and cropped cardigan.” 

Impeccable fashion taste aside, Lydia’s shopping values (no doubt influenced by spending her days vetting brands for RIISE Shop based on their climate commitments) have spread from her wardrobe into other areas of her home. “I have been steadily eliminating the plastic from my bathroom over the last few years and going back to basics,” she tells us. A process which has led her to discover a new favourite product: the Sphaera sweet almond and french clay soap. 

“I could tell by the ingredients that it would smell amazing and I wasn’t disappointed! It gives my shower a fancy day spa vibe, definitely for the aromatherapy lover.” But she’s quick to add that its qualities extend beyond the purely sensory. “It also pairs perfectly with my safety razor and makeup remover cloth. I use it every day. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t give me that weird itchy feeling after regular soap, but heavy-duty enough for oily skin.”

Adds to cart immediately. 

Find Lydia’s RIISE Shop picks here.  

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