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The RIISE fashion gift guide has wardrobe options for everyone in your life

Photography By Michael William for RIISE
Published 24.11.21

Fashion is our expert topic, so treat this guide as your one-stop shop if you’re gifting sartorially this year.

We’ve got wardrobe options for every individual, style and occasion, and we haven’t forgotten that the best garments are those unbeholden to seasonal trends. Whether someone needs a hand kickstarting their capsule wardrobe or could use something shiny (but ethical) to soften a rough year, we’ve got you covered – literally.

For the style star who manages to look perfect in jeans and a T-shirt (but seriously where did they get that T-shirt?)  
For the inland mermaid who has been dreaming of the beach for months
For the friend with the go-to closest for raiding
For the partner who forgot to give their briefs drawer an eco-upgrade
For the mate who needs help kickstarting their ethical capsule wardrobe
For the inner-city worker who needs to stop taking their laptop and lunch to work in a tote bag
For the handbag enthusiast who has a bag for every occasion
For the loved one who had a rough year and deserves something shiny
For the person in the WhatsApp group who is always trying to organise hikes on the weekend
For the cool younger cousin you’re secretly terrified of
For the climate expert who reads the “about” page of every brand they plan to shop with
For the friend who actually stuck to their 10,000 step commitment
For the effortless dresser (who makes every damn thing look good)
For the shoe enthusiast who thinks with their feet first
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