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Coral-coloured leggings, green face cream and the perfect tort sunglasses: what the RIISE editors are loving this week

Photography By Michael Comninus for RIISE
Published 29.07.22
Courtney Kruk, Acting Editor-in-Chief  

These burnt coral leggings from Pinky & Kamal. My activewear is basically black on black – I’ve never owned coloured tights before. But after my housemate came home with a pair of these leggings in leaf green, and I got a proper sense of the fit and feel, I bought them. I love that the rib detail provides an extra bit of thickness (which you want for workouts) and that they have a thick waistband (which you want if you have my midsection). I used to wear a lot of rust-coloured clothing and these leggings have inspired me to bring a bit of that back into my very dark wardrobe.

Julia Holly, E-Commerce Manager  

We’ve had shockingly cold weather in Sydney over the last few weeks. That drop in temperature, plus the dry air from indoor heating, has really hit my skin hard – it’s looking very dry, dull and tired. So I’m trying out more from the Gracious Minds skincare range. I’ve already been using the Daily Elements oil-to-milk cleanser which is super hydrating and smells amazing. And I’ve just added the Green Genes organic hydrating face cream to my routine. So far, it’s been perfect for my dry, sensitive complexion: such a beautiful and luxurious texture, without sitting too thick and heavy on your skin.

Annabel Hopkins, Marketing Coordinator  

I’m a sucker for sunglasses and get the most excited when our resident eyewear brand Childe drops a new product in its range. At the moment, I’ve got my eye on the Tune sunglasses in Sunset Tort. I love the 90s-style shape – they remind me of the collection of Oroton glasses that my mum had when she was younger which I’ve forcefully inherited without her knowledge (sorry, Mum). I tend to gravitate towards brighter tones like reds, blues and whites for sunglasses, but the gloss tort is such a classic colourway and one I’m lacking in my current collection – I think I’m doing a good job with convincing myself to purchase!  

Elizabeth Roberts, Deputy CEO 

In the cooler months, I find myself going into a bit of a nesting mode, particularly in the soft furnishings category. I love items that are functional (and can withstand the teeth and claws of two cats and a puppy) while also being visually interesting and a little bit quirky. I am obsessed with the Classic Clumsy cushion. It looks so chic on my couch

Kiara Cengic, Social Media Assistant  

I’ve been loving the Bioactive Mask from LESSE. My skin has started to feel extra dry recently thanks to the Melbourne weather and this mask has been the perfect antidote. It’s easy to apply with your fingers or a brush and it hasn’t irritated my super sensitive skin like other masks have. After using it, my skin felt really smooth and hydrated, and it honestly looked like I was glowing. It’s definitely my new go-to mask for Sunday self-care days.

Katelin Rice, Editorial Assistant  

Day in, day out, you’ll find Monarc Jewellery’s Debbie Double Hoops hanging from my ear lobes. I’m not someone who has an entire box of jewels, but rather a select few pieces that are on constant rotation. Lately I’ve been rocking them (quite literally, since they draw inspiration from the iconic Debbie Harry) everywhere: from the shops, to work, even to a wedding. They are the one pair of earrings I can count on for any occasion. 

Hana Okada, Head of Audience 

I’m using the Angel Eye Jellies from Foile just about every night. I first saw Hailey Bieber use Dieux’s reusable eye mask, and it promptly made it to the top of my to-buy list. I’m generally skeptical of beauty devices, but after just a few nights of use I’m hooked on these little reusable eye masks that hold product close to the skin. I’ve just started using tretinoin (a strong, prescription-grade retinol) so every other day I need as much hydration and moisture as possible to keep the skin barrier strong. I use a nourishing serum, leave it to get a bit tacky and lock it all in with the lightweight jellies for 20 or so minutes (or an hour, if I get distracted with The OC). 

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