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What does the future of travel look like? Regenerative Travel’s upcoming summit will show the industry as a catalyst for change

Photography By Regenerative Travel, @amandahonyc / Casa Etérea
Published 01.09.21

A new era of travel is starting to take shape, from the modes of transport we take to the resorts where we stay.

We’re not exactly jumping on a plane and heading overseas just yet. But we are thinking about how we’ll travel in a post-pandemic world and the things that will be important to us when the time comes, like the well-being of global communities and the preservation of the planet.

The founders of online booking platform Regenerative Travel are experts at considering these aspects of the tourism industry. Since launching in 2019, they’ve made it their mission to give travellers a tool to discover destinations that align with their values and embrace regenerative travel. As a concept, regenerative travel is a practice that aims to leave a place better than you found it, improving the environments and communities people visit.

In 2020, co-founders Amanda Ho and David Leventhal took their mindful approach to new heights, launching the inaugural Regenerative Travel Summit to discuss the future of the travel industry and how it will be shaped by regenerative practices. This year, the summit is returning to continue the conversation with a completely virtual event. Over three days, they’ll showcase diverse perspectives on how we can create – and execute – this new era of travel.



“Through the 2021 summit we are looking to the future of tourism and our collective responsibility to not just ‘future proof’ but to ensure we harness the industry’s potential to contribute positively to the economic, social and environmental wealth of destinations through transitioning to regenerative models. We will be providing a platform to individuals driving change, showcasing tangible solutions, decoding the language of regeneration and ‘whole-systems thinking’, and inspiring a move beyond tokenism to real activism that creates abundance for all stakeholders,” Regenerative Travel co-founder Amanda Ho says.

The 2021 summit will run from September 20 to 22 as part of the Climate Week NYC programming, with the key theme being “harnessing travel to regenerate community and place”. This isn’t just for those working in the tourism industry – it’s for anyone who loves travel and wants to see the industry back on its feet, but with a lighter impact on the planet.

Ecosystem steward for Regenerative Travel, and one of the speakers already announced for the summit, O’Shannon Burns, adds: “It is a critical moment for the tourism industry, with more people than ever before interested in the regenerative travel movement. Through the 2021 summit, we want to embrace this growing community, highlight the wonderful diversity of perspectives on regeneration and encourage action.”

When we say we’re well and truly behind this, we mean it literally – RIISE is an official media partner for the 2021 summit. And though our excitement has been a little biased, after seeing the full speaker announcement, we think it is well and truly validated.


Those confirmed to speak at the event include host of critically-acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog, Stephen Satterfield; founder of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch; co-founder of Zero Foodprint, Anthony Myint; founder of Lost With Purpose and co-founder of Decolonizing Travel, Alex Reynolds; Sustainable Travel author, Holly Tuppen; founder of African Bush Camps, Beks Ndlovu; president of Eaton Workshop, Katherine Lo; and designer and owner of Casa Etérea, Prashant Ashoka.

Tickets for the Regenerative Travel Summit 2021 are on sale now. They include lifetime access to all digital recordings from the event and special offers from Regenerative Travel brand partners. See the full program and panel times here.

Regenerative Travel Summit 2021 Featured Speakers

Alex Reynolds – Founder of Lost with Purpose and Co-Founder of Decolonizing Travel
Alicia Hegland-Thorpe – Native American Cultural Tours
Amanda Ho – Co-Founder of Regenerative Travel
Anna Pollock – Founder of Conscious Travel
Anna Barrera – Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Consultant
Anthony Myint – Co-Founder of Zero Foodprint
Aziz Abu Sarah – Peacebuilder, Author, Entrepreneur, Cultural Educator and Founder of Mejdi Tours
Beks Ndlovu – Founder of African Bush Camps
Bill Reed – Principal of Regenesis Inc. and Founder of IDC
Cyrill Gutsch – Founder of Parley for the Oceans
David Leventhal – Co-Founder of Regenerative Travel and Founder of Playa Viva
Dr Api Movono – Senior Lecturer at Massey University
Dr Keenan Adams – Forest Supervisor of El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico
Holly Tuppen – Sustainable Travel Journalist and Author
Jeremy Jauncey – Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations
Jean de Villiers – Co-Founder of Chole Mjini
Julia Watson – Designer and Author of Lo—TEK
Katharine Millonzi – Program Development at Regenerative Travel
Katherine Lo – Founder of Eaton Workshop
Kyle and Katina Connaughton – Co-Owners of SingleThread
Kristin Dunne – Director of Destination Strategy, Miles Partnership South Pacific
O’Shannon Burns – Ecosystem Steward at Regenerative Travel
Patty Baird – Owner, Builder and Director of The Cedar House Sport Hotel
Portia Hart – Founder of Blue Apple Beach
Prashant Ashoka – Designer and Owner of Casa Etérea
Stephen Satterfield – Host of Netflix’s High on the Hog
Zita Cobb – Founder and CEO of Shorefast

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