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7 environmentally responsible brands share tips for Plastic Free July

Photography By Cotton Bro,
Published 19.07.22

When it comes to tackling the issue of plastic waste, July is the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s because of Plastic Free July, a global movement helping people be part of solutions to plastic pollution. The concept is simple yet effective: take this month as an opportunity to refuse or reduce your use of single-use plastics.

One of the best things about this initiative is that it’s not an all-or-nothing approach. You can challenge yourself to go completely plastic-free for the whole month, or you can commit to a smaller habit change (like actually remembering your keep cup or swapping a regular product for a zero-plastic alternative). 

If you want to know how others are planning to honour this plastic-free occasion, we asked some of our favourite environmentally responsible brands to share what they’re doing to reduce plastic this July.

Childe Eyewear

Jon Laurenson, founder of Childe Eyewear

“At Childe, we are not using any plastic bin bags for the month of July and we are also doing plant-based July which means we only eat plant foods. We then don’t need a plastic bag for the bin as everything we consume can go into the compost to grow more organic food in the garden.”


Ali Johnson, founder of Sphaera 

“This Plastic Free July we will be sharing more with our wonderful community of customers directly about our environmental credentials, commitment and philosophy … It is important to us that people can choose 100 per cent plastic-free Sphaera bars without compromising on formula, design or performance.  

On a personal level, I always try to approach moving to plastic-free one product at a time. This year my commitment is to reduce the less visible plastics going into our waterways and oceans, focusing on microplastics created through the cleaning of synthetic clothing by continuing the shift to natural fibres in my home and wardrobe.”

Jasmin Sparrow

Jasmin Scott, founder of Jasmin Sparrow   

“I’ll be doing my bit to consciously reduce plastic consumption over the month both at home and at the office. We’ve been speaking about Plastic Free July at home with our kids and they’re excited to get behind the initiative. They’re always picking up pieces of rubbish on our daily visits to the beach; they’ve requested we walk the beach every day in July collecting as much rubbish as possible which I thought was a sweet idea, something fun we can do as a family. I love that the schools are getting behind unnecessary waste too. My kids are appalled if they find a single piece of rubbish in their lunchboxes; they’ve really challenged me to get creative with school lunches, ensuring they have zero waste.”

Jillian Boustred

Jillian Boustred, founder of Jillian Boustred  

“At Jillian Boustred we are focusing on designing with plastic-free fibres (think: no or minimal use of synthetics like polyester) as much as is functionally possible for our upcoming collections. We are really enjoying the challenge to source more responsible fabrics and trims, and Plastic Free July is a great reminder to keep going.”


Carrie-Ann Le Feuvre, creative director and founder of NIDRA

“At NIDRA we will be running beach clean-ups in the lead-up to our first birthday, starting in July, and running through to September. If anyone is interested in taking part, shoot us an email at

Personally, I really try to make a conscious effort year-round when it comes to being plastic-free and haven’t used a takeaway coffee cup in almost five years. However, with a busy lifestyle, sometimes it’s a bit too easy to order takeaway food and most places don’t accept your own takeaway containers. So, to tackle this, I am going to try being more organised and cook at home and make note of places that do allow you to BYO containers.”


Beck Quade, founder of FEMMZE

“On a personal level, I’ll be making sure my children are being really mindful around their purchases, and what they contain.

At FEMMZE, we are just working hard on building our presence in the market as we are only new and getting people to try [our reusable period underwear], as that does make a direct impact on reducing single-use plastics.”

madre natura

Jackie Galleghan, founder, creative director and head of sustainability at madre natura  

“As a brand, our main focus is always on our mn_Circular program – where we act on zero-waste policy to create our circular fashion house.

To further reduce plastic waste in our office and studio, our daily rituals include collecting and dropping back our plastic packaging to our local supermarket for proper recycling, using our own fabric bags for shopping, sourcing office supplies from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and shopping at local organic markets and refill supermarkets as much as possible.”  

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