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Shop Offcut’s cheeseboard-worthy stone and marble slabs on an IKEA budget

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Published 08.02.22

This is Cool is a series from the RIISE team that shares the people, brands, products, ideas and initiatives that are, you guessed it, cool.

For very obvious reasons, we’ve all become a bit obsessed with home decor in recent years. The intricate details of our interiors have never felt so important and we’re investing more money than ever into things like carafes, terracotta clay glazed vases and tiled cube plant stands. 

Frankly, I’m here for it. With similar feelings to RIISE’s editor-in-chief, who recently wrote about her very grown-up purchase of a Kelly Bignell vase, I feel this is partly an age-adjacent thing. I’ve matured to a point of caring about ornamental items and the merits of tasteful home decor. Which is how Offcut caught my attention. 

Founded by Sydneysider Michael Gould, Offcut upcycles slabs of stone in varying styles and colours and turns them into everyday objects. It’s hard to visualise exactly what those objects could be until you hear Gould’s spiel: “You might use a slab of travertine as a cheeseboard, jagged black marble beneath beeswax candles, or terrazzo in place of a coaster.” 

Of course, my foray into the adult interior world means I’m clued-in on things like travertine, terrazzo and stone marble. But a world in which those materials are being recycled and saved from landfill is really what’s of interest to me.

Offcut’s assortment of marble and stone slabs are sourced from stone masonry businesses that would otherwise discard them. One look at the brand’s collection and you’ll be grateful for Gould’s dexterity; these pieces are really beautiful, obviously very cool and definitely worthy of display. 

There are many Offcut pieces I could see myself owning. The Verdi Candleholder, an item that would pair nicely with these tapered candles. The Calacutta, which, as pictured here, would make a great accessory for my gold jewellery. The Fertia, which I’m sure would have no trouble providing an attractive surface for a selection of cheeses. 

But really, in line with my ever-maturing tastes, I don’t think I can look past something from the white marble range, namely this entire set-up. Not only a very adult way to level up the dinner parties I’m soon to be hosting, but also a subtle touch of opulence that will have my friends and housemates wondering if I’ve secretly entered a new tax bracket. (For the record, Offcut’s slabs are very reasonably priced, with coasters and smaller pieces starting at $20.) 

To make this whole stone-slabbed, marbled dream even more enticing, Offcut offers carbon-neutral delivery. As it turns out, imperfect, broken stones are just the kind of thing us interior-obsessed folk need. 

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