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Good enough to eat: natural beauty brand Ere Perez is adding superfoods to your favourite cosmetics

Photography By Ere Perez
Published 23.07.21

Carrots, quinoa and beetroot. Sounds like the shopping list for your next salad but Ere Perez believes these ingredients also have a place in your beauty routine.

Perez founded natural beauty brand Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics in 2002, one of the first clean beauty companies in Australia to pioneer the use of ingredients commonly found in pantries for makeup and skincare products. As mainstream brands jump on the clean beauty bandwagon, Perez is conscious of her unique approach: “I don’t like to do things by trends, I see myself as more of a trailblazer,” Perez says. “I like to put things out there that no one’s heard of.”

Her earliest years spent growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico undoubtedly influenced Perez to pursue a creative path. “My open-minded, crazy family has really driven a lot of my brand. I’ve always been the lady with the “hippie” family,” Perez says. On one side of her family were natural healers, the other, scientists. As the daughter of a traditional medicine man, her mum was adept at using ordinary kitchen ingredients (garlic, onions, tomatoes, fig milk) to make effective home remedies and beauty recipes.

As a teenager, Perez started experimenting with her own recipes, mixing beetroot with water to colour her cheeks and lips during high school, which became the inspiration for one of Ere Perez’s bestselling products: the Beetroot Lip and Cheek Tint.

Although natural beauty has always been a part of Perez’s life, it wasn’t until she emigrated to Australia in 1999 that it became the catalyst for a business. She formulated the brand’s first product to solve a wedding day dilemma. Perez wanted a black mascara that could withstand the day’s misty-eyed moments, wouldn’t irritate her eyes, was natural, and free from parabens and petrochemicals. When she couldn’t find a suitable mascara on the market, she contacted a formulator and chemist back in Mexico to create one using oil and wax.

“For me, if I don’t have mascara on, it’s like I have no clothes on,” Perez says. The mascara would become an integral part of Ere Perez’s minimal three-step makeup routine, sitting alongside the Rice Powder, a talc-free compact powder bronzer and blush, and the Carrot Colour Pot, a cream blush hero-ing the humble carrot’s natural pigment and anti-aging properties.

“We need to show people that less is more and products need to give happiness and joy with simple solutions that are easy to follow and affordable.”

Ere Perez’s science-based natural range harnesses the power of plants and botanicals, using “superfood” ingredients selected for their proven performance and skin-revitalising properties. You’ll find skincare essentials on their all-natural shelf; cleansers, creams and serums boosted by ingredients like moringa, Australian blue cypress and desert fruit quandong. Their makeup range includes interesting and underrated combinations: olive oil lipstick, calendula powder foundation, oat milk foundation and tapioca pressed powder.

Compared to big cosmetic companies, Ere Perez’s is a minimal collection of essential products. An overarching belief in what we do and don’t need to apply to our skin is what drives Perez to keep her range limited. “I’m always asking my team, is this really a life-changing product?” Perez says. “If the answer is no, then I don’t want to put it out there.”

Four products you’ll find in Ere Perez’s daily beauty routine

Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

Made with a powerful combination of botanical oils, this non-oily everyday “nectar” revitalises and hydrates skin, and is an excellent base for makeup or heavier creams.

Moringa All-Beauty Crème

Moringa is known to accelerate cell renewal with potent vitamin A and amino acids. With apricot kernel oil, lemon balm and prickly pear added to the mix, this is Perez’s favourite daily moisturiser.

Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter

Formulated from rich shea butter, cranberry fruit, cucumber and lactic acid, this nourishing cream regenerates and hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes and lips – areas not to be overlooked.

Avocado Waterproof Mascara

Mamey and avocado oils combine to regenerate and strengthen lashes. Formulated for those with sensitive eyes, this vegan mascara offers full coverage and is smudge-free.

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