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Natural beauty brand Biode eliminates waste by returning it to the earth

Photography By Biode
Published 10.06.21

Loved by the team at RIISE, body care and lifestyle brand Biode has created a range of deodorants, soaps, shampoo bars and lip balms using 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients, sold in compostable packaging.

That’s right, instead of throwing empty tubes and containers in the bin, you simply place Biode’s packaging in a home compost or plant it in a pot alongside household plants, eliminating all traces of waste from the product cycle. What’s not to love?

Co-founder and Biode creator Vanessa Gray Lyndon, already an award-winning natural and organic skincare formulator and manufacturer, conceptualised Biode after two decades in the beauty industry. Through her pre-existing cosmetic brand, Vanessa Megan, Lyndon began to learn about biochemistry, researching natural, wild-harvested and bio-available ingredients that could replace synthetic materials in products.

Speaking with friend and creator of the One Green Dress movement, Zoe Gameau, in 2019, Lyndon was inspired to look beyond the organic merits of the formulations she had been developing and go a step further, exploring sustainable packaging and solutions to landfill waste as well.

Biode’s products are contained in neutral, earthy toned packaging, reflecting their intended final resting place: not the waste bin, but a return to earth to degrade in 12-20 weeks. This is possible because Biode’s boxes are made from post-consumer waste paper and printed with vegetable-based, food-grade inks. Solid bars are wrapped in a corn starch compostable bag to protect the box from natural oils, and it too is able to be tossed in the compost and broken down in 10 to 45 days.

Biode’s other co-founder, Nicole Kidd, was instrumental in driving one of the brand’s earliest hero products, challenging her friend, and now business partner, to make a natural deodorant that actually worked, without the use of synthetic ingredients. Kidd struggles with an auto-immune disease, and synthetic ingredients were having an impact on her endocrine system.

“It was a beautiful event when Vanessa came into my life and we discovered this shared passion,” Kidd says. “Of course, I was thrilled I could literally pass off the “problem” of making an effective natural deodorant to Ness, and she was already developing the concept of Biode in the background. By the time she came to me with the prototypes, I literally just had to be involved.”

For those making the switch from synthetic to natural (particularly when it comes to deodorants) the biggest question posed is: will this actually work? “We have had such incredible feedback, even from friends who have used the deodorant, who say, ‘Oh my god, this one actually works!’ and that’s amazing for us,” Lyndon says. Biode’s natural deodorants have been hugely popular in a market saturated with organic products that, unfortunately, are frequently less than effective.

Since launching in June, 2020, both Lyndon and Kidd say it’s been satisfying to see the response from consumers who have been impressed by the efficacy of Biode’s natural and non-toxic products, and the brand’s commitment to planet stewardship. “Our customers know that whatever they’re putting into their body is good for their skin and the packaging is good for the earth,” Lyndon says. Kidd adds: “Looking after our skin’s layers and the earth’s layers are the things we thought about when we created our brand.”

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