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Inclusive, practical, low impact and straight up cute: Modibodi’s new designs are for every body

Photography By Modibodi
Published 30.08.21

What makes a good brand? Great product design? Cute style? A juicy social media presence? The desire to operate in a way that respects people and the environment?

Looking at those metrics, Modibodi easily makes the cut. But as their latest drop of products also highlights, a good brand is one that’s good for everyone. They don’t just think about their customers, they talk to them to better understand their unique needs, bodies and lives. 

Which is why as long-time Modibodi fans ourselves, we’re excited to share what we’re loving from their latest crop of items.

The Adaptive Boyleg

Inclusivity is central to Modibodi’s brand ethos and product designs. But this year they deepened that commitment with Adaptive Boyleg brief, specifically developed to make it easier for people who are less mobile to wear reusable period and leak-protection garments. To ensure the Adaptive Boyleg briefs met, well…that brief, they worked with their global customer base to understand people’s personal requirements.   

The result was a final product that utilised Modibodi’s trusted leakproof lining and soft bamboo fabric, along with hook-and-loop tape fastenings and elastic hoops – which are easy to grasp to ensure the Adaptive Boyleg briefs are less tricky to get on and off while standing, sitting or lying down. This also makes them simpler to change without removing clothing. 

Explaining the importance of a product like this, Modibodi ambassador and disability advocate Emily J Prior shares: “Sometimes buttons, hooks and zippers can be tricky when you have a disability. So, when I got my hands on Modibodi’s new adaptive period underwear I was so excited. The Velcro closures and loop pulls on either side make it easy for someone to put on or take off their underwear, whether they are standing, sitting (in a wheelchair) or lying down. Being independent and maintaining a level of privacy and dignity is really important for me. These adaptive period pants are awesome!” 

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first product by Modibodi designed with accessibility needs in mind. Their Detachable Bikini (which has a moderate to heavy absorbency) is designed with hook-and-eye side fastening, meaning it’s  also easier to take on and off without standing.  

The Modibodi Adaptive Boyleg is available in sizes 6 to 20.

We hope you love Modibodi as much as we do. Every product you see on RIISE is independently selected by us. We may recieve an affiliate commission when you click on some links. 

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