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Model Portia Prince’s new favourite makeup brand is plastic free, hot weather proof and great for darker skin tones

Photography By Hone Hartnett
Published 07.01.22

When it comes to reducing waste and going plastic free, we understand that the beauty cabinet can be one of the hardest parts of our lives to overhaul. Which is why we were excited to hear about model Portia Prince’s latest discovery.

I’m always drawn to bold statement pieces. So it’s not a surprise that I first noticed and loved the vibrancy of Flavedo & Albedo’s packaging and products. Knowing there is zero plastic packaging leaves me feeling guilt free too. My top picks are the blush and eyeliner.    

I really can’t stand products that slip and slide all over your face, especially in warm weather, so I’m impressed with the performance of these. Both are really high quality and the eyeliner has quite a matte finish that applies really well. The blush is especially great for a darker skin tone – a product which I still struggled to find in 2021!   

The environmental impact of the products I buy is something I think about a lot. It’s also a conversation I’m always having with my friends and other like-minded individuals. But since becoming a new mother, I feel even more responsibility to keep learning. 


Portia Prince wearing Flavedo & Albedo's Bright Stripe Eyeliner

Portia Prince wearing Flavedo & Albedo's Dew Tint

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