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The hardest working item in model Bella Bray’s wardrobe is an urban cowgirl fantasy

Photography By Bella Bray
Published 16.12.21

Here at RIISE we’re big fans of hard-working wardrobe staples. But just because something is putting in the hours doesn’t mean it needs to be a paired-down basic. As model Bella Bray proves, your most reached for item can also be your most fanciful.   

Recently I’ve been searching for a fun dress that I can style up or down. I’m always looking for pieces that are super versatile, and this felt like an item I could wear for a lot of different occasions. I love the cut of the Marta dress from Fredric. It’s just so fun and pretty. I especially love the attention to detail, but it’s still simple enough to wear a lot of different ways. I have a feeling it’s going to be the thing I slip on the most this summer.  

Already I’ve been throwing it on every chance I get: lunches, drinks with friends and at the park when the sun comes out. I’ve been pairing it with my vintage cowboy boots and a colourful second-hand bag from my collection.  



It’s really reaffirmed my belief that if you focus on finding pieces that are well made and versatile (and that you truly love) you will be able to incorporate them into an array of occasions, instead of feeling like you have to purchase a new piece to wear to every event.   

I also appreciate Fredric’s commitment to transparency in its production process, and the fact it is creating tangible change in the fashion industry. I’m really drawn to good-quality materials. Something that feels and looks like it will last. Before I buy something, I try to imagine how much use I think I’d get out of it, or how much I think I will wear it.  

That’s important because I really try to steer clear from any impulse purchasing. I spend a lot of time at thrift stores and vintage markets, and when I buy a new product I like to know as much information as possible about where and how it was made.  

I’m far more attracted to pieces that have a story behind them and brands that understand the importance of making something well, and celebrating the people who do that. 

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