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6 shades to shop if your wardrobe is in need of a sartorial serotonin boost

Photography By Michael Comninus for RIISE
Published 05.05.22

The brightest tones of the world are making their way into our wardrobes this year as we become more daring, more inspired and more ready to embrace colour when outfit planning.

It’s all about wearing how we feel. Muted palettes are being swapped for effervescent pieces as trend forecasters and brands alike adopt an optimistic approach to getting dressed. The psychology is simple, yet founded: certain hues are associated with certain emotions. 

Lilacs and periwinkle blues speak to serene style lovers, depicting feelings of sophistication, creativity and calm. Canary yellow displays cheer and happiness, hot pink reflects high energy and optimism and poppy orange, easily one of the most popular colours of 2022 already, mirrors enthusiasm and excitement. 

Even the Pantone Color Institute weighed in on the need for brighter looks this year, making 2022’s colour Very Peri – an aptly warm and friendly shade “displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit”.

Though different colours might evoke different feelings for each individual, it’s apparent that the brighter shades we’re seeing springing up in collections and dominating runways have universal mood-elevating qualities. 

If dopamine dressing is the sartorial serotonin boost you’ve been waiting for, then please, allow us. We’re delivering six looks to help brighten your wardrobe and keep you optimistically on trend for the year ahead (and every year after that). 


Autark Off Shoulder Blouse / Michael Comninus for RIISE

Off Shoulder Blouse – Autark

May we bear our souls for a moment? Or, rather, just a shoulder? Autark’s Off Shoulder Blouse strikes the perfect balance of a soft, delicate design with subtle sex appeal. Ideal for flirting between day and night, the calming pale blue, slightly cropped top is cut from deadstock cotton poplin and features adjustable straps detailed with ethically sourced shells. It’s a piece that’s sure to bring an asymmetrical splash of euphoria to your wardrobe.  

Del Villar Yuyo Top / Michael Comninus for RIISE

Yuyo Top – Del Villar

Dopamine dressing isn’t the only trend surging this year, with the likes of Y2K and early noughties party glamour returning to the forefront. Whether you’ve been inundated with nostalgic TikTok-style vids or your feed is clogged with Destiny’s Child’s finest fits, Del Villar’s striking tangerine Yuyo Top will help you pay homage to the era. The 100 per cent linen strapless top features a one-size-fits-all elasticated bodice and frill detailing. It works well with a pair of black pants to dance the night away, layered with an oversized shirt or even worn over a swimsuit in the summertime for a post-dip look.

Arnsdorf Joan Jacket & Relaxed Trouser / Michael Comninus for RIISE

Joan Jacket and Relaxed Trouser – Arnsdorf

Off-the-clock suits require a special touch of flair to achieve the necessary balance between relaxed and sophisticated. Arnsdorf’s buttery-hued Joan Jacket and Relaxed Trouser combination fits the profile – and is as delicious as it sounds. Made from recycled Japanese polyester, the suit’s calming flaxen tone, combined with a single-breasted, loose fit, is the perfect addition to nights spent dining with friends or weekend outings. Pair it with a white T-shirt to complement the subtle tailoring or peep a lingerie piece beneath for a saucier style that will make people (not the planet) melt.

Michael Comninus for RIISE

Michael Comninus for RIISE

Call Me Cruella Coat 2.0 – Maggie Marilyn 

Cruella De Vil may have had questionable credentials when it came to climate-conscious designs, but we can’t argue with her taste. Maggie Marilyn’s Call Me Cruella Coat 2.0 is an ode to the Disney icon’s villainous yet stylish flair – with a suitably sustainable twist. Crafted from wool blends and heavyweight cotton, the classic two-tone trench coat hits several sense-igniting dualities: calming panna cotta and heavenly blue, a strong shoulder structure with a soft waistline, and powerful style with effortless chic. All cinched together with a near floor-sweeping belt at the waist.

LE Studio All Terrain Shirt / Michael Comninus for RIISE

All Terrain Shirt – LE Studio

What is colour dressing without a touch of custom fit? LE Studio’s made-to-order All Terrain Shirt takes one of the hottest hues of the year and turns it into an oversized button-down that bridges the gap between comfortable and fashionable. With elements of classic shirt tailoring, the breezy garment scores extra points for being made from deadstock cotton. For those looking to live out a summer fantasy or layer up to embrace the throes of winter, this long-sleeved nod to brighter days is the pinnacle piece.

Maggie Marilyn Power to You Blazer / Michael Comninus for RIISE

Power to You Blazer – Maggie Marilyn

A new dawn of power dressing is upon us, with conventional navy and black suits falling to the fringes. In their place? An appropriately daring shade of magenta in the form of Maggie Marilyn’s Power to You Blazer. Crafted from wool crepe, the structured silhouette, fit with flared bell sleeves for added drama, pairs 80s eccentricity with modern flair for a shoulder pad–infused look that would make Grace Jones blush with pride. May no boardroom be dull, no corporate event be stale – this is a blazer that was born to be seen. (And, yes, it does have a matching set of equally powerful pants.)

Photographer: Michael Comninus
HMU: Nisha Van Berkel
Talent: Vicky / Stone Street Agency
Production: RIISE

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