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I’m finally enough of a grown-up to own a Kelly Bignell vase

Photography By Seala Lokollo
Published 18.01.22

This year I’m becoming an adult.

For the record, I’ve legally been an adult for about a decade and a half. But as I’m sure most people will understand, I’ve rarely felt like it. Sure, I can vote, drive and overpay for a bottle of wine. But there’s still a sense that being a real “grown-up” is just out of reach.  

The thing is, the adult world eventually catches up to you. In my case, it arrived when I (happily) discovered I was pregnant and (less happily) realised I needed to move into a larger apartment. Amid all the resulting emotions and responsibilities one fun thought did occur to me: being an adult means I can finally make some adult purchases.  

No, not the kind that contributed to this baby in the first place. I’m talking about “nice things”. The kind you see in shops and say, “One day I’ll be the kind of person who spends money on that stuff.” Well guess what, now I am that kind of person!  

Adulthood is scary, but giving yourself permission to buy investment pieces that you know will not be lost to dodgy share houses is a bright spot. But where to begin?

Michael Comninus for RIISE

Personally, I’m keeping it simple and starting with this tasteful, striking but still timeless Delilah Vase from ceramicist Kelly Bignell. It’s the kind of piece I can see myself carrying from home to home, life stage to life stage, probably not breaking.   

Bignell handmakes all her twice-fired terracotta clay designs in her Currumbin, Queensland, studio. This ensures they’re not only uniquely beautiful, but also watertight and ready to nurture a lifetime of tasteful bouquets.  

Now, learning how to actually arrange said tasteful bouquets is another matter…  

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