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Carrie’s name necklace and a Sopranos-inspired stack: the gold chain is back

Published 21.07.22

Kylie Jenner iconically described 2016 as the year of “realising things”.

Six years have passed, but the phrase still perfectly captures that feeling you get when you notice something that’s been right under your nose all along. Which is exactly what happened to us a few weeks ago.  

Stumbling across an image of a man casually clad in a black sweater with a glistening gold chain hanging around his neck, we had a revelation: could this be the one unisex accessory that instantly makes anyone look hotter? The group chat quickly descended into a heated discussion of gold and silver chains making people look good throughout history, with screenshots of handsome actors providing compelling evidence. We’d realised something huge but retrospectively obvious: the transformative power of a simple chain necklace.

Because this information is clearly in the public interest, we will be backing our argument up with facts – AKA pictures of our celebrity crushes using the higher power of the chain. If you’re keen to recreate the look, we’ve also got environmentally friendly options to help you secure your own gold chain glow-up. 

Connell’s chain 

We always knew the television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s millennial love story Normal People was going to be hot and heavy. But we could never have anticipated the unbridled horniness that a single accessory worn by the story’s leading man, Connell Waldron, stirred up. Yes, we are talking about “Connell’s chain”, the necklace that spawned hundreds of think pieces and its own Instagram account.

Peeking through the collar of a T-shirt or adding subtle sparkle to a bare torso, this lightweight silver chain is a great entry-level option for those wishing to spice up their wardrobe. Get the look with the Released From Love Curb Chain in silver.  

Carrie’s name necklace 

We’d like you to imagine a world where the Sex and the City revival and movie franchise never happened, and the show remained the untouched gem of the late 90s and early 00s that it was always meant to be.   

While it had its problematic moments, SATC was the first time the complex lives of women over 30 were showcased on screen, a big deal for both feminism and fashion. The legacy of the show’s iconic looks is unmatched, with Carrie serving many of the most memorable ensembles (still need that newspaper dress). One of the most well-worn items in her wardrobe was a nameplate necklace, a sassy accessory that brought just the right level of “look at me” drama to every outfit. Very on brand for Carrie. 

For those looking to step up their chain game with something extra (yet timeless) we recommend the Horseshoe Choker in gold. Beautiful, refined and edgy, this accessory would make Ms Bradshaw proud.   

Carmela and Tony Soprano’s matching gold chains 

Two words: couple goals. Carmela and Tony didn’t have the most stable relationship, but their style was always on point. Embracing an opulence that only Italians can pull off, Carmela preferred her gold chains layered with a figure-hugging print or tailored power suit and a French manicure. Tony opted for a simple gold pendant necklace, worn here with a white singlet that shows off his glorious chest chair.  

Carmela’s on-trend stacked necklaces deserve their own post.

Steal her style by layering Monarc Jewellery’s Suitor Chain and Silky Tie Necklace. If Tony’s casual charm is more your style, Released From Love’s Classic Coin Necklace has you covered. For infinite gold chain inspiration head to the Sopranos Style Instagram or set aside a weekend to rewatch this masterpiece of modern television.  

Romeo’s chain 

The long chain necklace worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet is as good an excuse as any to admire images of the striking young actor. Glimpsed beneath a hand-painted Hawaiian shirt that would not look out of place on a 2022 menswear runway, this chain captures fresh style and teen angst, two common themes in Baz Luhrmann’s epic reimagining of this Shakespearean tragedy. *Adds to mood board*

Leo’s chain is giving us mysterious high school bad boy who we desperately want to understand (also see Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You). Our pick for recreating the look is the Classic Necklace 006 by Released From Love. 

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