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Four pure fire tips to make money on Depop

Photography By DEPOP
Published 10.06.21

If eBay and Instagram had a love child, chances are it would look a lot like Depop.

Depop is a hybrid second-hand clothing marketplace enticing a generation of conscious shoppers to try their hand at peer-to-peer commerce and removing the stigma around preloved clothing.

With 15 million users in 147 countries, it’s hard to argue with the platform’s transformational reach. Depop’s Australia country manager Aria Wigneswaran says: “Our value proposition is distinct – Depop is the only marketplace serving the Gen Z demographic, a generation that was not only raised by social media but have an inherent passion for conscious consumption – especially if it relates to fashion.”

That generation is adopting secondhand apparel two-and-a-half times faster than other age groups. They’re drawn to platforms like Depop because it challenges the status quo, is based around self-expression and creativity, and is built upon their personal preferences and interests.

And Gen Z are not the only generation recognising where the future is heading: Depop was recently acquired by Etsy for US$1.6bn. The evidence shows that preloved is in, and perhaps the future will see shoppers of all demographics try their hand at the second hand and circular economy.

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand selling your secondhand stitch on Depop, we’ve got all the tips you need to start a top seller account.


Even the top sellers have to start somewhere, so it’s time to get creative with your curation. To stand out from the crowd, don’t be afraid to shake things up. Let your personality shine and find your niche. Keep a consistent aesthetic to attract a following committed to your style. Think seasonally (jackets for the winter, crops for the summer) and sprinkle a bit of personal flavour throughout your account; fix an imperfection with a fun patch or style a garment unconventionally. Opt for eco-friendly packaging as an added bonus for the dedicated environmental buyer in the mix.


What you’re selling matters but it’s behind the lens that the magic will really happen for your Depop account. You need to create a “vibe” in the photos you post – something that brings the garments to life. What’s in the background? Add plants, go wild on drapes, bring in bright fabrics for a colourful backdrop. Style pieces with accessories like boots, shades and bags to bring the whole look to life, and make sure the item looks good as new (yes, that means you probably need to iron it). Keep your lighting bright – find spaces to shoot with as much natural sunlight as possible. Get creative with your angles and take more photos – uploading four photos increases sales by 20 per cent.


The caption is the opportune place to sell your personality and lifestyle; customers want a story that will match the lifestyle they dream about. Use five relevant hashtags for every item to ensure you reach new audiences and include all the info a buyer might need so they don’t have to ask questions – they can buy straight away.


Do a quick search to find similar items and price yours slightly cheaper. Be open to giving buyers a discount (people love a deal after all). As a general rule, it’s better to start higher and drop to the price you want. $5-$10 is a good discount. If the item you’re selling is new and still in season (so available elsewhere), sell for about 60 per cent of the original price. Consider how rare the item is or if it’s vintage before putting your price on it.

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