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Is your favourite fashion brand sustainable? Ratings app Good On You will tell you 

Photography By GOOD ON YOU
Published 10.06.21

When buying clothes, we are guided by our personal style and taste, how a garment makes us feel when we wear it and how it reflects our personality.

But if you also care about buying to match your ethical values, then we’ve got an app for you.

Good On You is the sustainability ratings app and online fashion platform that tells you who to shop with, and who to avoid if you’re looking to steer clear of brands with a poor ethical stance. It was launched in 2014 by Gordon Renouf and Sandra Capponi who originally envisioned an ethical fashion database for thousands of global brands.

Jump on their brand directory and you’ll find over 3000 brands, each with a score between 1 and 5. With simple terms like ‘great’, ‘we avoid’ and ‘not good enough’, shoppers can quickly make decisions driven by the values that matter most to them.

“Our ratings are based on the idea that consumers have a right to make responsible, sustainable choices, and brands have a corresponding obligation to be fully transparent about how their operations impact on the issues consumers are passionate and care about,” says Gordon Renouf, the co-founder of Good On You.

Good On You’s digital marketing manager, Solene Rauturier, says the ratings system also gives brands a nudge to up their game. “A lot of brands want to improve their Good On You rating because they realise shoppers are taking notice,” she says.

Alongside the platform’s rating system and brand directory is an extensive archive of articles, covering Good On You’s top picks for brands and products, stories, tips and guides. It’s testament to their overall mission to make sustainable and ethical shopping easy for consumers who care but might not have the time, understanding or resources to explore these issues themselves.

“Consumer demand for sustainable fashion is on the rise (or should we say RIISE). Our users tell us all the time how much they value Good On You and how it’s changed the way they shop,” Rauturier says.

Good On You’s next target is to rate and feature 10,000 brands by the end of the year so millions more can shop better. “We’re now widely recognised as the global standard for sustainable brand ratings in fashion, and so we’re gearing up to work with more fashion retailers who want to leverage our credible ratings to connect with their own customers on these issues,” Renouf says.

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