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Fluff is the Australian beauty brand creating a world where any person who wears makeup feels more in less

Photography By FLUFF
Published 20.06.21

For those of us who wear makeup, the maxim “less is more” probably rings true.

The fact is, we are bombarded by contrary messages from the beauty industry that we need an abundance of products and a complex skincare routine to achieve a sense of “attractiveness”.

Born in a time of YouTube influencers spruiking Kylie Jenner lip kits, eye shadow palettes and the contour craze, Melbourne-based beauty company Fluff is cutting through these contradictions, encouraging individuals to move away from the hyper-saturated beauty industry and feel confident in the skin they are in.

“Skin is skin,” says Fluff founder Erika Geraerts.

“The beauty industry tells consumers they need a million different creams and products to look good – Fluff is rethinking that world; we want any person who wears makeup to feel more in less.”

A short scroll through Fluff’s social feed quickly reveals how limited the company’s product line is: within three years, they’ve released a total of seven key items, with no plans to saturate the market anytime soon. “Un is a part of our brand: we provide ‘make unders’. Everything is about undoing what’s been done before,” Geraerts explains.

The company’s decision to opt for evolutionary packaging, Geraerts says, was a knee-jerk decision. During a trip to a global beauty trade show in Hong Kong, the glimmer of a metal-clad vanity case showed her a future for beauty with much less plastic waste.

When I divulge my own hundred-cream-strong regime (which accumulates plenty of plastic waste destined for landfill), growing flushed with embarrassment, Geraerts stops me and chants her go-to motivational line: “the best time to start saving the planet was yesterday and the next best time to start is right now.”

With a range that consists of a single bronzer and brush, two face oils and lip oils and a cleanser, the company operates on a product cycle centred around longevity. “We don’t want people to buy 10 different bronzers in their lifetime – we want them to buy one and have it last forever,” Geraerts says. Though she also admits she initially grappled with the challenges of turning the industry she’d been in for several years completely upside down.

Clenching the ergonomic, cloud-shaped compact in my hand, Geraerts’s obsession with the container is understandable: it feels luxurious and everlasting, like it won’t smash into a million pieces if dropped on a night out.

“A lot of our designs were around reflections and reflecting who you are,” Geraerts shares.

After launching their first product – a lip oil – Geraerts learnt the compacts could be refillable, reducing their eco footprint. Refillable makeup is now the brand’s most notable design feature: “For us, offering a product that you could refill rather than have to replace was a no- brainer.”

As the founder of a sustainable beauty brand focused on undoing harmful practices, she hopes new standards will revolutionise the industry and dispel unrealistic expectations of what we should look like.

“It’s all fluff after all,” she says. “Beauty is more than makeup. It’s about who you are, what you do, how you feel and what you say. What’s important is knowing how we’re caring for ourselves and the impact we’re leaving behind.”

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