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Emma Lewisham’s new eye cream was its most requested product yet. We put it to the test

Photography By Emma Lewisham, @emmalewisham
Published 14.06.22

If there’s one place we all wear a lack of sleep, a big weekend or signs of ageing, it’s right there under our eyes.

Yep, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are the banes of many existences. Worsened by the fact that these concerns are not a simple fix. Though there are plenty of promises on the market, products that actually improve the appearance of the delicate skin around our eye area are notoriously hard to come by.

That is until now. One of our favourite natural beauty brands – Emma Lewisham – has just released a new eye cream. And from our experience, efficacy isn’t going to be an issue here.

Emma Lewisham (the founder, that is) is not the kind of person to add something to the brand’s range for the sake of it. Every product has been carefully sourced and formulated (using evidence-based skincare science), and has a clear purpose in someone’s beauty routine. It’s one of the reasons you know the Skin Reset Eye Crème didn’t come about on a whim. “A scientifically-backed, 100 per cent natural eye cream has undoubtedly been the most requested product from our customers,” Emma says.

“We’ve wanted to add this product for some time, [but] were committed to taking the time needed to ensure each new product is category defining and delivers on our natural and scientifically backed ethos.”

Emma Lewisham

So, how does this cream deliver? For starters, it’s engineered with 18 scientifically proven, high performing natural ingredients. These include antioxidant CoQ10, which helps to protect skin from oxidative damage and improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone; saccharide isomerate and hyaluronic acid, which plump and moisturise the skin around the eye; and pure ribose, a cellular building block that helps to limit the breakdown of skin tissues, therefore preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

“All of our active ingredients are formulated in powerful combinations for unparalleled results in reducing dark circles and puffiness, and delivering a brighter, smoother and firmer under eye area,” Emma says.

Look, we’re not about to tell you that a single product can perform miracles and make your dark circles and fine lines disappear overnight. When trying to improve this delicate area of skin, genetics, diet, hydration, lifestyle, sun exposure, and even allergies will play just as much of a role as the products you use.

But we will say this: Emma Lewisham’s eye cream has been a gamechanger for those of us who have tried it. It has the brand’s trademark luxury feel (smooth, silky and deeply nourishing) and has resulted in brighter, more hydrated skin. Would we recommend it? Absolutely.  

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