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Based out of Byron Bay, Del Rainbow is building a global empire for brands with purpose

Photography By DEL RAINBOW
Published 21.06.21

“I don’t want to sell anything that doesn’t have a purpose and isn’t focused on sustainability,” the co-founder and global sales director of Del Rainbow, Bianca Gregg, tells me.

We’re speaking about her global wholesale and brand consultancy agency, a company that currently works with 15 Australian and New Zealand brands, as well as 600 leading international retailers and department stores. You’ll find brands like St. Agni, Deiji Studios, Natalie Marie Jewellery and Peony Swimwear under Del Rainbow’s considered arc, each with a commitment to sustainability.

Gregg, who grew up in Coffs Harbour then moved to Sydney after high school, had a career in fashion before launching her own business. She started as an intern styling for Madison magazine then as a junior sales rep for an agency working with international brands. “I learned sales from the beginning, the cost price of the garment, then doing the wholesale distribution for a number of different brands. It was a chance to see the kind of business structure behind these brands.”

But there was also a noticeable gap: brands weren’t communicating their products and story with customers and potential retailers. “No one was actually trying to connect with these brands or giving them guidance and advice,” Gregg says.

Del Rainbow

Del Rainbow

As an individual who operates “energetically” and cares about authenticity, brand representation was the perfect opportunity for Gregg to pool her talents in sales, fashion and storytelling – with an added focus on elevating businesses concerned with sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. With the help of her partner and Del Rainbow’s other co-founder, Arlen Macpherson, the agency was launched in 2012.

Del Rainbow’s consulting covers things like brand development and strategy, while also selling and marketing to international retail giants like Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi, Harrods and Bloomingdales. Last year, they launched a storefront in Byron Bay, furthering their capacity to connect brands with customers and buyers alike. “I decided to create a one-stop avenue where you can experience and learn about our sustainable and responsible brands,” Gregg says.

The gallery adds an extra element: whether wholesaling to buyers or marketing a new brand, the purpose and value of products can be instilled, which she hopes will alter consumer habits.

“I truly believe that when you can show a customer from start to finish the way a garment is produced, what goes into it, what the people who are making them do, that is when consumers will understand the value of a piece.”

Interestingly, luxury and premium brands were Gregg’s target when she launched Del Rainbow, seeing influence at this level as having “the ability to impact far greater than at a mass commercial level. As human beings, we look for a vision, something to buy into. These high-level brands create the culture; they create the trends, which the brands below end up mimicking and replicating to make them available for the masses,” Gregg says. “Therefore, if we can start making policy changes at the top, that will trickle down.”

Gregg speaks about the brands she represents with a nearly maternal affection. If you were a brand looking for support, she’s exactly the kind of passionate individual you’d want in your corner. “So many brands I work with are doing really, really amazing things and it’s such a pleasure to talk about them and stand behind them,” Gregg says. “Honestly, I cannot tell you enough just how much of a privilege and an honour it is for me to tell their story.”

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