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The RIISE Gift Guide: Gifts For Parents


Author: RIISE Team




Parents are skilled actors.

When you were a kid, they had to pretend to like a litany of crappy gifts. That chocolate-filled mug with the words "World's Best Dad" emblazoned across it, the not-at-all-sexist frilly apron you bought for your mum and countless tacky homewares that have never seen the light of day. 

It's time to make it up to the people who literally raised you. But choosing a gift for your parents, especially when they seemingly already have everything they could possibly need, isn't always easy. Which is while we've compiled this list of recommendations for the parent or parent figure in your life. From the mum who swims every day to the dad who still can't seem to dress himself, here are our picks for spoiling your folks this Christmas.   


No. 6 Perfume



Edie Rolo Necklace Gold Vermeil

Monarc Jewellery


Twisted Sister Hoop Earrings

Monarc Jewellery


Balanced Encounter Set Dusk


For the mum who never buys herself anything nice but is so damn generous

Be the one to spoil her this Christmas.

1. No. 6 Perfume 

If fruity scents are their thing, the No. 6 will be well-received. Vetiver, musk, rhubarb and orange blossom provide a deep sweetness while grapefruit and bergamot round things out with a soft burst of citrus freshness. Formulated with a mixture of safe synthetics and natural ingredients. 

2. Edie Rolo Necklace Gold Vermeil

Picture your mum in this beautiful vintage-style necklace. The weighted rolo chain suspending a circular pendant sits beautifully on the décolletage. Made from recycled sterling silver with high-quality gold vermeil.

3. Circulo Essentials Pouch

This stylish pouch has been designed to store makeup, skincare products, headphones, stationery or jewellery. It’s made from recycled materials and has three internal pockets.

4. Balanced Encounter Set Dusk

The discovery set is the perfect introduction to Vahy’s fragrance collection, with mini versions of their most popular scents: Ember Haze, Desert Nomad, Midnight Ruze, Luna, Bohème and Dusk Amour.


Ember Haze Candle



Kukui & White Kaolin Clay Face, Hand & Body Soap


For the parent who still keeps one of those little bags of lavender in their undies drawer

Their house is always immaculately clean and smells like a fancy hotel lobby. 

1. Ember Haze Candle 

“Seriously sweetie, we don’t need anything”. They say this every year, but you’re hardly going to turn up empty handed. A scented candle is one of those gifts that every individual appreciates. Inspired by fireside evenings, Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich warmth of amber and vanilla. 

2. Kukui & White Kaolin Clay Face, Hand & Body Soap 

Complement their bathroom with a signature cube solid soap from Sphaera. With Hawaiian kukui nut oil and finely milled white kaolin clay, this purifying and nourishing bar is great for sensitive skin.


Circle Clumsy Wool Cushion



Textured Relic Vase

Kelly Bignell Studio

For the parents whose house you sleep over at after a bad day (or break up)

They have a spare room set up just for you and keep the cupboard stocked with your favourite treats.

1. Circle Clumsy Wool Cushion 

If you’ve always looked up to your mum or dad as a bit of a tastemaker, someone with impeccable (if not a little eclectic) interior style, then a handmade Clumsy cushion is a no-brainer. These one-of-a-kind beauties are made from deadstock fabric, recycled water bottle fibres and excess offcuts. Soft to the touch and very cool.   

2. Textured Relic Vase 

For the parent who fancies themself a bit of an interior connoisseur. Handmade by ceramicist Kelly Bignell, this sculptural piece works perfectly with muted palettes and neutral interiors. Urn shaped and water-tight with brown, grey and purple variations in the stoneware glaze. 


Poppy Shirt



All Terrain Shirt

LE Studio

For the parent your friends always said was actually cool

Yes, you acted appalled but you were secretly proud of this compliment. 

1. Poppy Shirt

A twist on the ever-stylish blue stripe shirt. The standard shirt collar is swapped for delicate frill detailing and the full-length sleeve gathers for subtle balloon volume. A-line silhouette that finishes with a slight curved hem. 

2. All Terrain Shirt 

Shoutout to everyone whose mum was their original style icon. If yours is a fashion enthusiast, show her love this year with a made to order All Terrain Shirt. Choose from five mood-boosting colourways that give off a very “don’t talk to me, I’m relaxing” mum energy.


Mānuka Face Oil



Organic Mineral Sunscreen


For the parent who always has a natural remedy to offer. 

They’re a bit witchy, they like to mix you up special tonics and they’re always reading the ingredients list on things. 

1. Mānuka Face Oil

Aotea’s Mānuka Face Oil is a luxurious and sumptuous product that nourishes, heals and protects the skin. Hero ingredient Manuka Oil combines with antioxidant-loaded oils picked for their hydrating properties: jojoba, blackcurrant and grapeseed.

2. Organic Mineral Sunscreen 

The mother of all SPFs. This mineral, physical sunscreen protects from UVA and UVB rays. It’s free from parabens and chemical UV filters and is bursting with super-hydrating organic botanicals.


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