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Silk pillowcases are the most slept on beauty hack ever

Photography By @weare_nidra
Published 01.07.22

Very few beauty hacks live up to the hype.

Yes, rubbing a frozen cucumber on your face feels nice. But no, it probably won’t have a transformative, long-lasting impact on your skin.   

We’ve had our share of failed beauty experiments, which is why we were a little sceptical when we heard of another miracle product that promised to boost skin and hair health while you sleep. But there’s a reason silk pillowcases have taken over your social media feeds: they actually work.   

Just ask NIDRA founder and creative director, Carrie-Ann Le Feuvre. She has been sleeping on one for almost a decade. “I have naturally very curly/frizzy hair and a girlfriend recommended sleeping on silk to avoid waking up every morning looking like I had been electrocuted in my sleep,” she says. “I couldn’t believe the difference after the first night and it was even better to find out later that the benefits to your skin and health were just as amazing.”  

In addition to calming frizz and flyaways, silk pillowcases can combat the signs of ageing, help clear acne, keep skin hydrated and regulate temperature and moisture levels for a better night’s sleep. They are hypoallergenic, breathable and contain proteins that are associated with cellular repair and collagen production. Plus, that luxuriously smooth texture feels incredible to sleep on and all you need to do to reap its benefits is get horizontal.   

Inspired by her own silk results but frustrated by the lack of beautiful, sustainable options on the market, Carrie-Ann decided to start making her own. After a two-year sourcing journey, she launched NIDRA, offering certified organic and fairtrade silk pillowcases and scrunchies.   

We sat down with Carrie-Ann to find out exactly why NIDRA’s silk pillowcases deserve a place on our beds.  


No animals were harmed in the making of this silk   

“Our Face Saver Cases are made from 100 per cent organic Ahimsa mulberry silk and dyed with GOTS-certified dyes,” Carrie-Ann explains.   

“Ahimsa translates to ‘non-violent’, and Ahimsa silk (or peace silk as it is also known), is the product of cruelty-free silk breeding and harvesting. This means the organic silk is collected from cocoons without killing the pupae inside or without sacrificing animal life. Did you know, with commercial silk, the silkworm is boiled alive in its cocoon to extract the silk? Ahimsa silk takes much longer to collect and weave and is therefore more expensive, but we think this more ethical approach is worth the extra cost.”  

Silk can help with hydration, congestion and signs of ageing   

“Cotton and other moisture absorbing fabrics create friction between your face and the pillow, which causes face creases that turn into permanent wrinkles,” Carrie-Ann says. “Silk, on the other hand, doesn’t tug, stretch or drag your delicate facial skin. It is highly moisture-wicking and therefore absorbs significantly less face cream than other pillowcases and leaves your products and natural moisture where they belong: on your face.”  

You’ll wake up with frizz-free, shiny and healthy hair   

“Sleeping on silk is a time-honoured, hairstylist recommended, game changer for hair whether it’s curly, straight, thick or fine. Like the above, moisture absorbing fabrics like cotton and polyester are static inducing, damaging, cause hair snagging, increase oil production and promote frizz. Silk fibres are gentle and hair friendly and will do their best to preserve your styling, and keep your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free.”  

They’re good for allergies and protecting natural oils     

“Silk is hypoallergenic and great for allergy sufferers like me,” Carrie-Ann says. “The removal of extra moisture prevents dust mites from living in your pillow. The breathable fibres, natural hydrating properties and amino acids in silk, help you to retain all your beautiful essential oils, allow your beauty products to fully absorb into your skin and help to keep your complexion hydrated and supple.”  


How to care for your NIDRA silks:   
  • Avoid sleeping with large, rough-edged jewellery which can snag the delicate silk.  
  • Don’t wash your cases too often. They can last a little longer than the rest of your bedding due to the anti-bacterial nature of silk. Every two weeks is sufficient.   
  • If you have two cases in the same colour, wash together to avoid colours fading differently.  
  • Use natural detergents when washing, as harsh chemicals can damage the natural colour and fibres.  
  • Cold hand wash or delicate wash in a machine and never tumble-dry.   
  • Air-dry out of direct sunlight.  
  • If you need to iron, use the lowest setting possible. Otherwise, embrace your case’s natural creases!   
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