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The secret ingredient behind Australian model Jai Stevens’s homemade skincare oils

Photography By Jai Stevens
Published 06.12.21

Model Jai Stevens is no skincare novice. Not only does he know what works best for his skin, he’s taken things to another level by mixing his own concoctions. Recently Jai upgraded his routines with the Marula Face Oil from one of our favourite lines, Foile. He told RIISE about his approach to skincare, and why Foile is his new secret ingredient.  


I have had my eye on Foile for a while now and admired everything from its subtle branding to its sustainable approach. When it comes to my skin, I have also always taken a natural approach. Foile’s philosophy spoke to me in that sense. Skin is a highly sensitive area, so a simple and consistent routine is imperative.  

I think men often miss the mark when it comes to skincare, focusing their attention on the big names in beauty that don’t always offer the best results. Personally, I have always mixed my own oils for both my face and body and have had great results in doing so. I have had a lot of fun mixing Foile products with some more commonly used oils of mine. Being familiar with them, my body has responded extremely well. The marula oil in particular has been warmly welcomed into my daily routine and my skin loves it.  

Marula oil is potent in antioxidants and all those good fatty amino acids. I think it’s the perfect product for a male skin routine. It has a nice thick consistency, so after a healthy day in the sun and the ocean it is the perfect addition. 


Image by Jai Stevens wearing Childe's Treble Sunglasses

Image by Jai Stevens of Foile's Marula Face Oil

In general, when it comes to skin routines, I firmly believe less is more. Keep it simple and consistent. There is absolutely no need for chemical-based products on your skin and unfortunately these are the types of products most men are swept up in.  

It’s a matter of quality over quantity. You cannot argue with quality in a product: the evidence is clear. You can feel it when wearing it and taste it when eating it. My approach, like all things in life, comes from an inkling – if it feels right, it generally is.  

That also goes for brands doing the right thing with their production and farmers doing the right thing with their crops. That’s where I put my support, financially and morally.   

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