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How to embrace the art of un-gifting: 11 gifts with no wrapping required 

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Published 29.06.21

If you’re the type of gift giver who agonises over ways to balance maximum thoughtfulness with minimum wastefulness, then it’s time to try un-gifting.

From experiences to online subscriptions, here’s a roundup of our favourite eco-friendly gifts (minus the wrapping) we think your friends and family will appreciate based on their personality type. Happy un-gifting!


For the adventure seeker

Enjoy a trip to tropical North Queensland, heading out to the reef on a catamaran for a day of ocean exploration with tour company Passions of Paradise. These locals boast a laundry list of awards, research initiatives, reef survey participation, and a partnership with the Australian Rainforest Foundation (planting 1,200 trees annually) to offset the carbon emissions of their operations.

Your overworked other

Experience the therapeutic benefits of a camping trip in nature, but in the complete comfort of an eco-cabin. You’ll want to tag along on this one, staying in a secluded, off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny house in natural surrounds. Check out CABN and Unyoked for some hidden gems around Australia.

The friend that knows all the places to be

Imagine being in picturesque New Zealand, having a hands-on encounter with thousands of bees, learning about their importance while eating honey straight from the hive. The NZMA Beekeeping Experience Centre offers visitors a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with honey bees.

The friend who sends you their monthly horoscope on repeat

From the rooftop of the Culpeper London Pub, take a tour guided by astronomy experts, Dark Sky Wales. If the stars are anything to go by, this is the gift you choose.


For the star of your life

If they say they already have everything they need, why not buy them a star? You can name it after them and receive the coordinates from the star registry.

Book lover

Get your book-loving friend an Amazon Audible subscription to save space and paper. With over 200,000 books to choose from, and the fact that its hands (and eyes) free, just think of all the extra activities one could cram in.

The friend who always seems to have a new hobby

Buy them a subscription to MasterClass. It offers more than 100 courses over nine different categories and they’re coached by, well, famous people. From Dr. Jane Goodall who teaches conservation to Annie Leibovitz teaching photography, there’s something on the program that will inspire them.

For the giver

If they’re an animal lover, you could support rewilding efforts like Rewilding Europe or The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund. If they’re more of an eco-activist, why not Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace? Find an organisation that reflects their key area of interest and they’ll love you even more for it.


The one with impeccable taste

There’s nothing like a gorgeous bunch of flowers to show your love and appreciation for someone, and a bonus if they come from a sustainable florist. We love the UK’s Petalon and there are other awesome companies around the globe like Lilac and the Cat in Melbourne and WildFlora in LA.

The “I wish I had a green thumb” friend

Why not give the gift of a greensmart pot, the self-watering, quick growing, low maintenance way to grow veggies and herbs. It would be (almost) impossible to kill them.

Clean freak

Do you always seem to walk into their place with just a little envy for how clean and spotless their house is? Help them make their impeccable home more sustainable with Zero Co, the company that delivers refillable home cleaning and personal care products to their door. Cool, huh?

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